Game Changer for Guided Buying

In today’s fast-paced world keeping up with changing business needs can be a challenge, especially if you’re relying on supplier-managed punch-out catalogs to keep employee spend on contract. When employees can’t find what they need they’re more likely to look outside approved buying channels, which can lead to rogue spending. That’s why Coupa and Amazon Business have teamed up to make it easy for your employees to get what they need by streamlining business shopping.

Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business offers a seamless shopping experience within the Coupa procurement search bar. Simply type in what you’re looking for and Amazon Business products will auto-populate. Lower your costs by comparing options and accessing exclusive business-only pricing. Plus, Coupa Open Buy combines checkout, approvals, and reporting in one place to improve visibility, compliance and save time. And Amazon’s quick, reliable shipping means you can get what you need even faster. We're bringing the best of both worlds right to your fingertips.

Coupa Open Buy with
Amazon Business
Coupa’s Open Buy Solution with Amazon Business
is a Game-Changer
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Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business Benefits

More Choice
Tap into Amazon’s e-commerce expertise and give your employees access to millions of items without having to search through individual punch-out catalogs. Compare the latest products across categories and empower team members to shop smart while keeping up with their changing needs.

Lower Costs
Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business makes it easy to reduce spend on the things your employees need to do their jobs, including one-time spot buys. Take advantage of business-only pricing, easy price comparisons, and quantity discounts to increase your savings with every purchase.

Increased Compliance
Let your employees shop with confidence knowing compliance is built in—their purchase is only approved for payment if it’s within company guidelines. Extend spend visibility and control to tail spend and reduce rogue purchasing. Keeping spend on contract has never been easier.

Easy Integration
Add seamless shopping to your Coupa procurement solution and let employees start using it the same day. Whether you want to enable Coupa Open Buy for all purchases or specific needs, such as when a catalog search returns no results, configuring is quick and easy. Get maximum value with minimum input.

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