AI-Powered Spend Classification Accelerate Value Capture with Scalable Spend Classification

AI-Powered Spend Classification

Get Actionable Spend Visibility to Identify Savings Opportunities

Coupa AI Spend Classification cuts out manual classification trudgery with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to standardize, classify, and enrich spend across spend and ERP systems.

  • Get Complete Visibilty into ALL Spend

    Identify opportunities to consolidate spend and source savings by classifying data from across across multiple ERPs and spend systems.

  • Use a Scalable Approach to Free up Time

    Shortcut the manual research typically required for opportunity analysis, freeing up scarce Sourcing and Procurement resources to focus on delivering value.

  • Decide with Confidence

    Deliver accurate classification powered by community, using an approach that leverages data from the $2+ trillion in Coupa community spending to train cutting-edge AI and ML technology.

  • AI-Powered Spend Classification
  • AI-Powered Spend Classification
  • AI-Powered Spend Classification

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Intelligent Spend Data Classification
Coupa cuts through quality issues in your spend data by classifying transactional data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), trained using anonymized data from across the Coupa community.
Classify Spend Across Multiple Sources
Coupa lets you classify spend data from across multiple ERP and Spend systems, letting you identify saving opportunities from strategic categories to tail spend.
Enrich Your Spend Data
Enrich your supplier and procurement data with a true taxonomy, putting a ready-to-use procurement information system in place within days to group and match your data across commodities.
Expand Visibility with 3rd-Party Datasets
Coupa AI Classification integrates with external data sources—financial risk, international sanction and watch lists, diversity, corporate make-up, supply chain sentiment—to enrich your insights into spend.
Optimize the Breadth of Your BSM Efforts
Coupa's integrated tools combine data across BSM to provide actionable insights, eliminating the need for siloed infrastructure and providing instant access the right data at the right time.