Spend Guard Protect your business with AI-driven fraud detection

Spend Guard

Why businesses choose Coupa's Spend Guard for fraud detection

Take control of your spend and reduce risk across your organization. As a powerful safety net, Spend Guard automatically helps you identify errors and potential fraud more accurately with less effort.
  • Proactively identify potential fraud

    Catch errors and potential fraud — before they impact your bottom line.

  • Pinpoint fraud with greater accuracy

    Ensure compliance and protect your organization from regulatory and reputational risk with insights powered by AI.

  • Maximize efficiency

    Replace the need for manual auditing and free your teams to focus on more strategic tasks that add value to the organization.

  • Proactively identify potential fraud
  • Pinpoint fraud with greater accuracy
  • Maximize efficiency
How exactly does Coupa add business value?

Explore Spend Guard features

A smarter way to monitor spend

Spend Guard provides comprehensive, real-time monitoring across all your direct and indirect spend — from invoicing to expenses to payments. With 25+ alerts across 6 categories of spend activity, setup is easy and nothing falls through the cracks.

Put every transaction under a microscope

Powered by AI, Spend Guard monitors every transaction to make sure all payment details are captured and correct, each payment is connected with the correct invoice, and payments generated through your ERP go to the correct account.

Reduce risk and maximize your time

Flag errors and potential fraud in real time. Capture suspicious expense claims, duplicate invoices, ensure suppliers actually exist, and resolve invoice matching errors with less effort.

See the full picture

Remove the blindspots and finally gain a complete view of all your spend for full visibility into suspicious behavior. Spend Guard leverages spend data across the Coupa community to provide truly comprehensive fraud monitoring and transaction analysis.