Business Spend Monitoring AI-Based Fraud Detection Powered by

Spend Guard

Real-Time Fraud Detection Across All Spend

Auditing for fraud can be manual and time-consuming. Spend Guard leverages AI/ML technology to automatically analyze your business spend within Coupa and flag suspicious transactions in real time.
  • Maximize Auditor Efficiency

    Spend Guard uses artificial intelligence to automatically surface suspicious spend to auditors, saving valuable time by keeping audits focused.

  • Find Otherwise Overlooked Fraud

    With, Spend Guard identifies transactions that do not seem suspicious individually, but indicate non-compliant behavior when reviewed together.

  • Intercept Suspicious Payments

    Spend Guard ensures suspicious transactions are reviewed by the right people at the right time to prevent fraudulent payments before money goes out the door.

  • Maximize Auditor Efficiency
  • Find Otherwise Overlooked Fraud
  • Intercept Suspicious Payments
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

The Smarter Way to Monitor Business Spend

Spend Guard reduces your dependency on fraud auditing services - and can even replace them. As a powerful safety net across all of your business spend, Spend Guard helps you identify fraudulent spend more accurately and with less effort.

Monitor Every Transaction

Spend Guard covers a broad range of transactions to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks. With 25+ alerts across 5 categories of business spend, companies can get started right away with minimal setup effort required.
Comprehensive Coverage

Expedite Auditing Efforts

As transactions are submitted to Coupa's Business Spend Management platform, Spend Guard analyzes them in real time for suspicious activity and user error. Advanced AI/ML technology ensures analyses are more accurate than traditional rule-based algorithms.
Real-Time Monitoring

Eliminate Unnecessary Review Cycles

Spend Guard natively integrates with Coupa's approval flow engine, allowing you to dynamically add additional Spend Guard reviewers to existing approval processes whenever a transaction is flagged as suspicious.
Seamless Approval Flows

Increase Visibility Into Suspicious Behavior

Employees and suppliers committing fraud typically will not limit themselves to just one application. Spend Guard leverages spend data across the Coupa community to analyze transactions at a user level — a radical shift in fraud detection.
Supplier and Employee-Level Profiles
Salling Group
Salling Group Leverages to Protect their Spend
Salling Group processes several hundred thousand invoices, POs, and expense reports annually. Immediately upon implementing Spend Guard, they halted a large duplicate invoice before a payment could be made
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