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Colombian Government Deploys Coupa to Achieve $1 Billion in Savings

Colombia Compra Eficiente on track to roll out Coupa to 20,000 users by 2015

San Mateo, California & Bogotá, Colombia – February 25, 2014 Coupa Software, the leading provider of cloud solutions for finance, today announced that the government of Colombia is currently rolling out Coupa, targeting savings of $1 billion by Q3 of 2014. The news comes ahead of the latest report from new government agency, Colombia Compra Eficiente (CCE), or “Colombia Buys Efficiently,” which will be released at an accountability event on Wednesday, February 26 at 9am COT in the Tequendama Hotel in Bogotá, Colombia.

CCE chose Coupa’s Procure-to-pay application for its ease-of-use, scalability, and best-in-class cloud technology. Now the strategy of framework agreements led by CCE makes the public procurement process more efficient and gives Colombia more visibility, control, and compliance over its spending across all entities of the government. More than 400 public servants are already using Coupa, and that number is expected to grow to up to 20,000 users across all 6,500 entities in the next two years.

CCE is currently offering Coupa’s Procure-to-pay application across several entities – including Colombian military, local hospitals, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - to leverage discounts from the government’s network of suppliers. With Coupa’s intuitive interface, user adoption is expected to increase significantly.

Twenty-nine government agencies have already bought fuel and liability vehicle insurance under the framework agreements using the Coupa platform. On top of the savings arising from the aggregation of demand, the procurement officers now spend close to an hour allocating the purchase orders whereas they used to spend close to three months in the contracting process.

Coupa will be used to procure fuel; liability vehicle insurance; stationery; cleaning services for offices; hardware (computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners); surveillance service for government buildings and offices; other types of insurance; and IT services (connectivity, cloud services at public and private clouds).

“Coupa is the cornerstone that will help make this initiative successful,” said Paca Zuleta, Executive Director at Colombia Compra Eficiente. “We’re using the most advanced, scalable, cloud solution available across our government to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Coupa was the obvious choice. We’ve had a very successful implementation and we look forward to rolling it out to all of our 20,000 public servants within the next two years.”

“Coupa has a very successful record helping governments reduce costs,” said Rob Bernshteyn, chief executive officer, Coupa. “We’re delighted that CCE is using Coupa to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies for the entire Colombian government.”

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