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Coupa Announces 2 Million Connected Suppliers

Open Business Network™ creates business-to-business value through collaboration efficiency and supply chain cost reductions.

SAN MATEO, CA – May 12, 2016 – Coupa Software, a leader in cloud-based spend management solutions, announced today that its customers have connected and done business with more than two million unique suppliers through Coupa’s Open Business Network™. Coupa now has one of the largest business networks in the world, encompassing customers and suppliers doing business in more than 100 countries.

“We use Coupa to connect electronically to thousands of suppliers,” said Rone Luczynski, managing director procurement and supply chain at Service Corporation International. “We depend on a variety of businesses from large strategic suppliers to small local ones to help us deliver value to our customers. Coupa’s supplier connectivity processes have been critical to our business cost reductions and savings.”

Customers using Coupa’s Open Business Network™ are able to let suppliers choose the connection option that works best for their business. The network caters to the suppliers’ needs instead of requiring them to conform to their buyer’s forced requirements. This flexibility leads to higher levels of supplier adoption and lower buyer costs due to the elimination of paper processing.

The Coupa Open Business Network™ supports the interoperability critical in today’s digital economy. In the same way that one e-commerce website does not meet the needs of every consumer buyer, the same is true in business. There will never be one network that covers all of the 200+ million businesses in the world. Coupa’s model is to allow businesses to connect to any of their suppliers--from a small business providing landscaping services or delivering lunches to the largest business suppliers in the world to large global marketplaces (like AmazonBusiness and Alibaba).

“While others question how to make supplier enablement easier, we question how to eliminate the need for supplier enablement,” said Donna Wilczek, vice president strategy and product marketing at Coupa. “We’re celebrating this milestone because it validates our vision, our business model and most importantly, the value the network is delivering to our customers. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how easy a network is to connect to it (either directly or via interoperability with other networks).”

The Coupa Open Business Network™ allows suppliers to connect to their customers via the following options:

  • Industry standard connections cXML, EDI, API, PunchOut and more interoperate with the largest suppliers and business networks in the world without adding supplier paid fees to the supply chain
  • Coupa Supplier Actionable Notifications for instant connectivity and collaboration via email without supplier registration or login required
  • Coupa Supplier Portal for suppliers looking to collaborate, view and transact via a web interface. The portal is accessible from any mobile device without the need to install an app to access.
  • AP Inbox for processing emails sent directly from a suppliers.

Coupa works with any ERP system such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Workday or Great Plains to provide organizations with the measurable value long lacking in cloud spend management.

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Coupa Software, a leader in cloud-based spend management, enables businesses everywhere to recognize bottom-line financial success via Value-as-a-Service. Customers – small, medium and large - representing the Americas, EMEA, and APAC rely on Coupa to support business agility and reduce costs. Only Coupa provides an organic suite of true cloud spend management applications, including invoicing, procurement, expense management, sourcing and inventory, allowing customers to realize a return on investment that can start within a few months and grow continually. Learn more at


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