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Coupa Turns Big Data Into Actionable Insights for Finance and Supply Chain

Enhanced analytics empower organizations to make decisions faster and instantly enact business change

SAN MATEO, CA – May 12, 2016 – Coupa Software, a leader in cloud-based spend management solutions, today announced embedded analytics enhancements designed to speed decisions and turn them into actions. Coupa’s expanded user-friendly dashboards and analysis capabilities provide big data visibility across the Coupa platform. Tighter linkage to transactions and configuration provide organizations the agility needed to make spending changes as economic conditions and other factors change.

“Now that we’ve used Coupa to get our spend under control and digitize this area of our business, the visibility we have into our spending is unprecedented,” said Curt Metzger, director of finance at Concentrix. “We’re ready to start looking at how Coupa’s updated analytics can help us change on the fly and continue to drive value for Concentrix.”

Coupa Analytics enhances the Coupa unified spend platform and rolls up data across applications from procurement, e-invoicing, contracts, travel and expenses, and more. The common data layer across all Coupa applications makes it easy to aggregate data so organizations can make intelligent decisions faster than ever. Customers benefit through consumerized data science, embedded naturally throughout analytics, so they can become spend analytic experts without having to go to extensive training or have data engineers standing by to help.

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics offerings provide limited value if data isn’t available, is outdated or is otherwise not clean. Often times, organizations spend significant time and money to locate, compile and clean data using legacy technology or costly professional services. Coupa solves this problem by addressing the root cause of inaccessible data - by delivering user and supplier adoption in a unified platform. This adoption translates into digital spend transactions at high levels leading to clean data that can be easily turned into insights by Coupa Analytics.

“So many organizations struggle with having the visibility they need,” said David Williams, vice president technology at Coupa. “Since we started, we knew that the key to insightful analytics that would actually improve results was that people needed to adopt the underlying systems. It’s exactly why we have spent years driving user and supplier adoption and getting to maximum digital transactions. Our customers start with volumes of clean data, and since it’s all part of one unified system, layering analytics dashboards and directly linking to transactions is relatively easy for us.”

Additional enhancements to Coupa Analytics include:

Success goal KPI dashboards: Coupa projects start with measurable success goals that are continually reviewed and modified throughout the project. Coupa provides in-product visibility to these goals and performance so customers can monitor their success real-time. Out-of-the-box and real-time success dashboards seamlessly track customer success metrics across savings initiatives, productivity goals and efficiency KPIs.

Interactive Dashboards: Coupa’s embedded analytics provides users with the ability to effect change directly from the point of discovery, also known as actionable analytics. For example, as an issue is discovered with a particular supplier, a single click can drive the user to a point where appropriate action can be taken.

Geo map visibility: Coupa customers do business in more than 100 countries and the need to visualize their data through geographic layers is critical to making strategic decisions. The addition of geo map functionality to Coupa Analytics makes it easy for customers to layer geography on top of their data.

Personalized user experience: Coupa will continue to make the software adjust to the individual user’s needs. In this Coupa Analytics release, individual user needs are supported through a variety of analytics style ranging from standard bar and pie graphs to advanced tree maps and bubble plots.

Walk-up usability: Coupa has made it easier than ever to analyze data with consumerized features like drag-and-drop and double-click, auto-complete search, guided visualizations, and visual filtering. Filtering is intuitive and lasso filters automatically update results seamlessly cascading across filters and dashboard pages.

Coupa works with any ERP system including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Workday and Great Plains to provide organizations with the measurable value long lacking in cloud spend management.

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