User-Centric The Best UI Is No UI


Maximize User and Supplier Adoption

Coupa makes it easy for users at every level to get things done, often without ever having to login. We believe users should only have to interact if they're adding value to a transaction. Otherwise, you can let Coupa do the work.
  • 100% User and Supplier Adoption

    With actionable email, SMS, and push notifications driving the shortest transaction cycle times, it’s no wonder Coupa has become the gold standard for usability.

  • Maximize Spend Under Management

    By ensuring users will choose to use the system rather than work around it, you can drive higher adoption rates and get more spend under management.

  • Increased Compliance

    When everyone is using the same system, enforcing compliance to negotiated contracts and preferred vendors becomes a breeze.

  • 100% User and Supplier Adoption
  • Maximize Spend Under Management
  • Increased Compliance
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

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Build a Guided Buying Experience

Shopping in your professional life should be as easy as in your personal one. With an “Amazon-like” user interface, Coupa gently guides users towards finding what they need, quickly and in compliance to company rules. Doing the right thing is easy for employees with Coupa.

The Best UI Is No UI

At Coupa, we believe the best UI is no UI. This means users aren’t required to log into the application in order to get their work done. Coupa utilizes SMS, email push notifications, and messaging services like Slack to meet users where they prefer to be.
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Spend Smarter, Anywhere

Coupa is designed and optimized for mobile devices. Whether creating purchase requisitions, approving requests, flipping POs into invoices, or creating and submitting expense reports, Coupa offers the modern experience that your users expect.