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Coupa Pay Virtual Cards Pre-Approve Card Spend and Automate Reconciliation

Virtual Cards

Streamline Card Payments

Enjoy the benefits of credit card spend without the inefficiencies of physical cards. Pay one-time suppliers without onboarding them and automate manual coding and reconciliation.
  • Gain Greater Control and Visibility

    Eliminate uncontrolled and unbudgeted P-card spend by collecting accounting and budgeting information up-front as part of a purchase request.

  • Automate Approvals and Reconciliation

    Reduce manual and time-consuming processes by automating approvals and reconciliation of card statements back into the accounting system.

  • Optimize Working Capital

    Maximize bank rebates by driving more spend through virtual cards. Extend Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) with longer payment terms from your bank partners.

  • Gain Greater Control and Visibility
  • Automate Approvals and Reconciliation
  • Optimize Working Capital
How to Improve Access Control and Visibility Into Payment Timing and Cash Impact with Virtual Cards

Explore Coupa Virtual Card

Pay One-Time Suppliers with a Virtual Card

Take control of long tail spend and eliminate one-time supplier onboarding by paying suppliers with a virtual card. Reduce invoice processing volume and focus on more strategic tasks.

Restrict Access to Card Details

Issue virtual cards on POs and invoices, limiting their usage to a particular supplier. Card details are securely sent directly to the supplier or the employee who requested the card. The card amount and the card’s expiration date can be restricted reducing security and credit exposure risk.

Improve Spend Under Management

Drive more pre-approved spend with employees using virtual cards in Coupa Pay, instead of their personal cards. Gain visibility into spend that was previously accounted for only upon the receipt of the expense report.

Increase Adoption and Drive More Spend thru Virtual Cards

Generate higher bank rebates with increased supplier and employee adoption of virtual cards due to the user-friendly interface and automated processes. Virtual card payments also eliminate the need to file expense reports, which further incentivizes employees to use this payment method.

Choose a Bank Partner for the Virtual Card Program

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ThoughtSpot reduced daily transactions and activities by 80%
With Coupa Pay and Virtual Cards, Thoughtspot streamlined their payments process, gained real-time visibility and insight into daily spend, and reduced time spent debugging monthly manual transfer of payment files from their ERP to their bank portal by 3-4 hours per month.
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