Coupa Open Buy Smart and Seamless Guided Buying

Open Buy

A Unified Search Experience

Coupa Open Buy consolidates items from punchout suppliers with your catalog items into a unified search experience. Users quickly find exactly what they need from one set of search results regardless of the source of content.
  • More Choices for Easy Comparisons

    Make it easy for your employees to compare items and make the best choice by streamlining business shopping across all sources, from catalogs to punchout sites.

  • Faster and More Accurate Results

    With one unified set of search results, users can find exactly what they need faster and with more ease.

  • Increased Compliance and Visibility

    Employees can shop with confidence knowing that compliance is built in. Reduce rogue spend and increase spend visibility and control across tail spend.

  • More Choices for Easy Comparisons
  • Faster and More Accurate Results
  • Increased Compliance and Visibility
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Explore Coupa Open Buy

Create a Unified Shopping Experience
Coupa Open Buy offers a seamless, unified shopping experience within the procurement search bar. Simply look up what you need, and products across your catalogs and punch-outs will automatically populate. Lower costs by comparing your pre-negotiated punchout options and access exclusive business-only pricing.
Get Extensive Supplier Coverage
To bring your tail spend under control, Coupa has enabled hundreds of suppliers with the Open Buy program.
Standardize Purchasing Processes
Coupa Open Buy combines checkout, approvals, and reporting in one place to save time, improve visibility, and increase compliance. Reduce user friction by eliminating the need to visit different suppliers’ punch-out sites and provide one standard shopping and approvals process.
Enjoy Easy Integration
Add seamless shopping to your Coupa procurement solution and get your employees up and running the same day. Whether you want to enable Coupa Open Buy for all purchases or use it to handle specific needs — such as when a catalog search returns no results — configuring is quick and easy. Get maximum value with minimum input.