Procure-to-Pay Software Improve your End-to-End P2P Process

Get Visibility and Control Over All Spend

Coupa Procure-to-Pay (P2P software) enables complete visibility of spend, along with maximum spend under management, to ensure compliance, increase savings, and drive impact toward ESG goals.
  • Ensure User Adoption and Value

    Coupa's P2P tools are designed with the user in mind, such that employees and suppliers easily adapt to—and adopt—the process. And maximum adoption means maximum value.

  • Capture More Value

    Coupa’s cloud-based, unified suite gives you a Procure to Pay solution that connects your entire organization’s spend—from requisition to receipt, invoicing, and payments—to capture more value.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Coupa’s P2P Procure to Pay solutions speeds up everyone’s work, saving you precious labor hours and helping you get more out of your employees.

  • Ensure User Adoption and Value from your P2P Process
  • Capture More Value with a Procure to Pay solution
  • Increase Operational Efficiency with Procure to Pay Software
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Explore Procure-to-Pay Software Features

Purchase Requisitions Simplified

Coupa procure-to-pay software guides your employees through the buying process, prioritizing preferred products and services in search results to alert employees to discounted pricing and other advantageous terms.
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E-Invoicing Options for Every Supplier

Coupa P2P tools provide a variety of options for electronic invoicing suppliers — all without fees. Increase e-invoicing adoption for both top suppliers as well as suppliers that are infrequently used. Invoice electronically across PO-backed, contract-backed, and non-PO invoices.
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Keep Up with Global Regulations

Coupa's Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) makes it easier for global businesses to keep up with changing regulations while managing suppliers across borders. Use CaaS to automatically validate country-specific requirements before issuing an invoice.
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Detect Fraud in Your P2P Intelligently with Spend Guard

Manage risk more efficiently and effectively by leveraging the latest AI and machine learning techniques in your procure-to-pay process to detect errors and flag fraudulent activity automatically across all your business spend.
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Orchestrate All Your Payments in One Place

Automatically reconcile and easily manage all your payments to suppliers, employees, subsidiaries, and other beneficiaries with Coupa Procure-to-Pay solution. Provide visibility into payment status while reducing supplier onboarding, payment processing, and payment infrastructure maintenance efforts.
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