Prescriptive Community Intelligence

Powering the Future of Cloud Spend Management

Leveraging Deep Data and Collective Insights

We built Coupa to help organizations manage spend better. Now we’re leveraging the combined power of our cloud spend management platform and our global community to help every customer make accelerated, data-driven decisions using prescriptive community intelligence. With advanced artificial intelligence (AI), deep machine learning, and over $700 billion in annual spend under management to draw from, Coupa offers customers actionable advice to help reduce costs and risk, and increase savings and efficiency.

Coupa’s Perfect Fit Insights (PFI) helps customers set and reach goals by tracking and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), and suggests ways to reach them faster. Coupa Risk Aware allows you to reduce supply-chain risk using real-time, actionable insights about supplier risk factors. Coupa is the only spend management platform with access to deep customer data and the tools to make the most of it. We’re powering the future of cloud spend management.

Benchmark Against Industry Peers

When it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs), how do you measure up against others in your industry? Coupa Benchmarking makes it easy to improve spend management by offering instant insight into performance and savings across 18 KPIs. With customizable measurements you can tailor the tool to your needs, discover how you compare and what you can do to improve, plus identify new ways to save. Get the information you need, right when you need it.

Perfect Fit Insights

Coupa Perfect Fit Insights (PFI) combines data-driven community intelligence with smart automation to help customers continually improve spend performance and increase value. Set your own success goals for everything from first-time invoice match rates to expense report approval cycle times, then let PFI track and measure your progress while offering real-time recommendations for improvement. To show our commitment to delivering value for our customers, PFI is available to all Coupa customers with no additional fees.

Risk Aware

Bridge the gap between understanding risk and applying that knowledge with Coupa Risk Aware. We leverage collective insights from the Coupa Community and combine it with 3rd party risk data to provide visibility into supply chain risk factors, and suggest steps you can take instantly to mitigate risk before it affects your business. Make real-time, data-driven spend management decisions—that’s the Power of We.

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Supplier Insights

Prescriptive intelligence with Supplier Insights lets customers find the best supplier prior to making a purchase—whether a current supplier or a new supplier from the Coupa community.

  • Explore Global Suppliers—supplier managers can explore new suppliers from the community and select from the pool of vetted, community-rated suppliers.
  • Find Supplier for an Item—buyers can find a supplier for free-form purchase requests in unsourced categories, reducing time and uncertainty when filling unmet needs.
  • Invite Suppliers to Sourcing Events—sourcing managers can find new suppliers for items being sourced with a sourcing event, expanding beyond known suppliers to achieve better results with Community suggestions.

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