Community Powered Intelligence

Coupa harnesses the power of collective insight to help every customer get smarter about spend. First, Coupa makes recommendations on a transactional level—we call this application intelligence and every module has it. Because Coupa is a connected platform, the more modules you have the more value you get out of that intelligence—what we call suite synergy intelligence. And finally we take the collective intelligence gathered across our entire platform—hundreds of billions of dollars of spend each year—and use that spend intelligence to continually improve our recommendations. That’s community powered intelligence. As Coupa continues to grow, so will our collective intelligence, and value.

Application Intelligence

Whatever you’re trying to do, Coupa recommends ways to optimize spend and increase savings—from realizing early payment discounts to strategic sourcing. We leverage the data in each application to help you make the most of it.

Application Intelligence

Suite Synergy Intelligence

The more applications you use, the smarter Coupa gets. With our unified cloud platform enabling multiple modules to work together, Coupa connects the dots to find more ways for you to spend smarter. It’s all about the big picture.

Suite Synergy

Community Intelligence

Now Coupa offers something no other spend management vendor does—the power of community intelligence. With more than 500 customers channeling 360 billion dollars of spend through the Coupa platform each year, we’re harnessing collective insights to drive value for everyone. Welcome to the future, where we all spend smarter.

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Community Intelligence

“Having 40 portfolio companies all running independently with their own financial systems made it very challenging. Coupa gave us a way to automate the data collection, the classification, and allowed us to identify procurement opportunities across the portfolio in a very efficient way.”

— Steve Neid, Senior Oprating Advisor, Francisco Partners

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