Business Resilience Starts with Smart Business Spending.

Navigate the road to resilience with our new toolkit for Finance and Procurement leaders.

Business Resilience Starts with Smart Business Spending.

Navigate the road to resilience with our new toolkit for Finance and Procurement leaders.

Framework Overview Contain Costs Mitigate Risk Increase Agility

In times of economic uncertainty, the decisions made by finance and procurement leaders determine not only how their organizations weather the storm, but how they perform when the economy recovers.

The Coupa Business Resilience Toolkit offers a three-part guide with actionable steps, tips, and checklists to help you build business resilience through uncertain and challenging times.


A Framework for Success

This resilience framework will help you take the right steps today to support your business tomorrow.

Whitepaper: What Resilient Companies Do Differently

An executive brief based on the recent HBR webinar featuring Mihir Mysore, a Partner with McKinsey & Company’s Risk Practice and co-author of the HBR article, “What Companies Should Do to Prepare for a Recession."

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Gain Immediate Visibility and Control of Spend

Cost containment is the number one priority of finance leaders today. While there are many levers available to reduce spend and control costs, it is imperative to choose the right ones. Focus first on a cost reduction strategy centered around purchasing costs— your business spend. Start by knowing exactly where and when your business is spending.

Gain Immediate Visibility
10 Steps to Control Cost

10 Steps to Contain Costs in Uncertain Times

Uncover 10 quick steps you can take to get immediate visibility and control of your spend to contain costs.

Get Tips to Contain Costs
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Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Supplier health is critical to monitor in any economic environment, but it is especially important to have a complete picture of suppliers in uncertain times. The strength and health of each supplier relationship can significantly impact your company’s success. A comprehensive risk and performance management approach can keep your supply chain moving in all economic conditions.

Gain Immediate Visibility

11 Ways to Manage Supplier Risk in Times of Business Uncertainty

Here are 11 tips on how to understand the health of your suppliers and reduce your supplier risk today.

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Increase Agility to Invest at the Right Time

No downturn lasts forever. Resilient business leaders know that the actions they take today prepare their organization to thrive when the economy recovers. This means increasing agility to invest, now or later. Update your supplier mix, improve your working capital management, and increase flexibility with adding contingent workers at the right time.

Gain Immediate Visibility

8 Ways to Increase Business Agility in Order to Invest at the Right Time

Follow these 8 recommendations to increase agility and put yourself in a prime position to act on opportunities as they emerge.

Get Tips to Increase Spend Agility
Spend Setters
Spend Setters
Watch several leaders from the Business Spend Management community share their experiences and learnings on being resilient.
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What Do Resilient Companies Do Differently?

From Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company

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