KPMG + Coupa

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Company Name: KPMG LLP

Coupa Partner Since: 2012

Countries Supported: Global

Company Website/Preferred Link:

Coupa PowerApps Supported:
Lead: Sourcing, Analytics, Supplier Information Management (SIM), Artificial Intelligence Classification (AIC)
Support: Contract Collaboration, Inventory, Coupa Sourcing Optimization (CSO)

Company Overview

KPMG’s procurement advisory group has helped procurement organizations around the world transform to keep pace as value-add business partners. We support them through every step along the journey – creating their vision, developing their strategy, executing their plan, and making it stick.

Our approach addresses the full range of underpinnings that enable procurement to strategically support the enterprise’s growth and competitive objectives:

  • design strategy and implement a robust operating mode
  • get spend management under control
  • improve collaboration with and management of suppliers
  • institutionalize a third-party risk management program
  • create a robust talent management program

Whether employed for full-scale transformation or targeted improvements, KPMG’s procurement advisory group will help you drive meaningful benefits across your enterprise.

KPMG’s alliance with Coupa enhances our ability to help clients transform their P2P processes to add strategic value, increase process efficiencies, reduce costs and improve free cash flow. Together we enable organizations to realize the benefits of a user-friendly procurement application that encourages adoption, increases management oversight and enables greater visibility into corporate spending.



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