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Manual data entry, paper-driven processes, and legacy software systems have plagued procurement for too long. Today’s software solutions are taking procurement to the cloud—but not all cloud procurement solutions are created equal, and many are as inefficient as the systems they are replacing. It’s time to bring innovation to the E-procurement (electronic procurement) table. By leveraging a 100% true cloud platform for pre-integrated business processes and applications, Coupa’s E-procurement system is changing the way businesses optimize every dollar (and Euro, yen, and peso) around the world.

Coupa E-procurement is a cloud-based procurement software solution that provides visibility into your spend with a single, easy-to-use platform users can access from anywhere at anytime—delivering the efficiency, productivity, and savings you’ve been hoping for in an e-procurement system. With the Coupa E-Procurement system, everyone in your organization can get what they need efficiently, while also boosting compliance and speeding up the procurement cycle end-to-end. Plus, by consolidating your spend into one unified system you get real-time visibility into spending habits so you can make strategic decisions to benefit your company’s bottom line. By connecting sourcing to purchasing, and purchasing to payables, you ensure that savings are realized across your organization. Best of all, Coupa integrates with multiple ERPs, automates outdated manual systems, and works on any computer or mobile device—even Apple Watch, so everyone is happy. If you want to know more about what E-Procurement is, read our datasheet, schedule a demo or contact us.

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Procurement For All

"We use Coupa for a lot of things. We actually call it “I request” internally because we didn’t want to limit it to just purchasing. People submit requisitions for credit cards, or for onboarding an employee, or for getting a phone. We use it for all kinds of things, not just purchasing" — bryce berg, vice president business services, molina healthcare

E-Procurement with Coupa


Coupa e-procurement software system is intuitive, so even your suppliers and employees who ask, "What is e-procurement?" will get up to speed fast with minimal training. Because they’ve got better things to do.



Coupa’s user-friendly S2P solution makes it easy for everyone in your organization to get what they need, when they need it—which means they’ll love using it.



Coupa’s cloud-based E-procurement platform works with any mobile device, so you can always stay connected, and in control of your spend.



Coupa’s E-procurement software touchless features and automation reduce workloads for everyone, including AP.



Coupa’s E-procurement system delivers the fastest ROI in the marketplace today, period. Our customers see real savings in real time. We call it the “Real Math of Success".


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