Coupa Purchase Order Management Simple and Powerful Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Management Software

Maximum Flexibility to Create, Send, and Manage POs

Coupa simplifies the purchase order process by removing PR to PO approvals friction, eliminating formatting obstacles, minimizing manual intervention, and maximizing supplier engagement.
  • Quick and Easy PO Management

    Easily customize the look of your purchase orders and the information included. Your customizations are consistent regardless of how the POs are delivered to suppliers.

  • Maximize Spend Under Management

    Maximize spend under management by creating purchase requisitions for any item from any supplier and automatically route them for approval with automatic GL coding.

  • Gain Complete PO Visibility

    Coupa gives you at-a-glance, real-time tracking status on all your purchase orders, including click-through access to the purchase order and original purchase requisition.

  • Get started with purchase order management software quickly and easily
  • Maximize Spend Under PO Management
  • Gain Complete PO Visibility
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

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Drive Efficiency With Real-Time PO Status Tracking

Track the status of all of your purchase orders in real time and get quick access to the original purchase order and purchase requisition, as well as pertinent details such as order date and supplier.

Create a Guided Buying Experience

When your employees have a need, Coupa procurement software gently guides them to meet that need in the right way. From placing preferred items at the top of search results to highlighting contracted benefits such as preferred pricing and volume discounts, Coupa makes it easy for users to do the right thing.

Improve Budget Visibility

With Coupa procurement software, you can quickly understand the budget impact of a request before making a decision. A simple table summarizes the budget remaining, the impact of the request, and any other in-flight requests.
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Increase PO Contract Compliance

Ensure contract terms are adhered to and turn negotiated savings into actual cash savings by guiding users to on-contract goods or services.

Receive Community Recommendations

With Coupa purchase order management, deliver a consumer-like search and buying experience with community-informed recommendations for items and vendors directly within the search results.

Route Supplier POs Any Way You Like

Send purchase orders from Coupa Procure to all your suppliers — regardless of size or volume — via email, portal, cXML, or EDI. Notifications can be delivered via SMS or the mobile app. Best of all, Coupa never charges supplier fees.
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