Demand Modeler Turn Demand Forecasts Into Smart Financial Decisions

Demand Modeler

Take the Guesswork Out of Market Demand Predictions

Feel more confident in your long-term business outlook with intelligent demand predictions that help you make optimal business spend, capital expenditure, and working capital decisions.
  • Reveal Your True Demand Drivers

    Recognize complex trends and identify the impact of causal factors on your supply chain and finance organizations with the help of artificial intelligence-fueled demand modeling.

  • Improve Long-Term Forecast Accuracy

    Lean back and let state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms sense market demand, drive a new level of strategic forecast accuracy, and help you create future efficiencies, savings, and growth.

  • Intelligently Balance Supply and Demand

    Connect your advanced demand predictions to supply decisions across the enterprise to drive better financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

  • Reveal Your True Demand Drivers
  • Improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Intelligently Balance Supply and Demand
Risk, Resiliency & Supply Chain Modeling

Combine Internal & Industry Data with Machine Learning for More Accurate Demand Predictions

Explore how advanced AI algorithms, paired with smart use of internal and external data, can bring new context to demand across your enterprise.

Demystify and Automate Demand Modeling

Get clarity on demand signals based on a powerful combination of historical demand models and machine-learning algorithms. Demand Modeler learns from complex demand patterns and does the work for you to find the best data-driven model for your business.

Master Cause and Effect

Access a wealth of external data from our Trend Cloud and other available data providers, including weather, macroeconomic indicators, and events, to better understand causal factors and test new demand scenarios and sensitivities.

Put Your 'What-If' to the Test

Digitally test what-if demand scenarios and sensitivities across time horizons. Demand Modeler allows you to evaluate multiple demand scenarios to arm your planners with insights for faster, smarter decisions amidst changing conditions.

Pick Your Future

A highly flexible time horizon allows modelers to predict demand from four weeks to ten years into the future.

Align with Financial Planning and Analysis Across the Enterprise

Connect and Integrate with both Coupa Supply Chain Modeler and Coupa Supply Chain App Studio to sense market demand and drive alignment with finance, supply chain, and procurement.