Supply Chain App Studio Bridge the Gap Between Business Expertise and Supply Chain Science

Supply Chain App Studio

Rapid Innovation for Supply Chain Decision Support

Quickly apply the practical power of AI to your hardest supply chain problems through easy-to-use applications, providing valuable insights across all levels of the organization.
  • Speed to Value

    Combine your business expertise with proven AI capabilities to rapidly deliver supply chain insights where and when you need them.

  • Speed to Deploy

    Streamline application delivery and alleviate IT burden through an easy-to-use, low-code deployment platform.

  • Speed to Response

    Continually extend critical information and insights to your enterprise, allowing decision makers to respond quickly and with confidence every time.

  • Speed to Value
  • Speed to Deploy
  • Speed to Response
Proactive Risk Mitigation Begins at the Very Foundation of Your Global Supply Chain Network: Its Design.

Deliver the Power of AI to those Who Need It Most

Explore how easy it can be to continually improve supply chain decision-making through scalable, production-grade applications.

Support Purpose-Built Apps with a Living Data Model

Be ready for anything with this lowest common denominator of supply chain data for continuous decision support. Manually or automatically connect, cleanse, and harmonize data, enabling instant access to information from across your supply chain systems, data lakes, and external data points.

Easily Manage the App Deployment Process

Support the deployment and management of all your purpose-built apps through a single hub location. Accelerate your time-to-value through the use of an automated data infrastructure and streamlined interface development as you continually deliver enterprise grade applications across the enterprise.

Build on a Foundation of Supply Chain IP

Drive rapid innovation through App Studio's composable architecture. With access to our powerful AI engines and a library of reusable solution assets, you have a constant head start on each new problem you face.

Empower Users to Make Smarter Decisions

With purpose-built apps, your business users can see input data, run models on demand, try a new scenario, and interact with visualizations, enabling intelligent decisions and information sharing among relevant stakeholders and systems across your enterprise.