Supply Chain Prescriptions Find Hidden Supply Chain Savings with AI Prescriptions

Supply Chain Prescriptions

Power up Your Supply Chain Data

Cut through the noise of the millions of combinations in scenarios. Get recommended data-driven insights into the highest cost drivers in your supply chain and ways to reduce them.
  • Improve Business Agility

    Give stakeholders the power to make quicker and more informed business decisions by enhancing scenario management data for network optimization.

  • Go From Data Crunching to Strategic Work

    Get the most out of modeling data — quickly — with prescriptions that give you the right set of scenarios to run, so you ensure the highest payoff.

  • Reduce Costs and Carbon Emissions

    It’s finally possible to do well and do good with data-driven recommendations that improve the efficiency of your transportation routes.

  • Improve Business Agility
  • Strategic Work
  • Reduce Costs and Carbon Emissions
Harvard Business Review Brief: Building the Next Generation of Resilient Supply Chains

Take Your Supply Chain to the Next Level with AI Prescriptions

Take the Guesswork Out of Savings Opportunities

Give supply chain modelers the tools to cut through cost-to-serve data and identify otherwise hidden business opportunities with the power of AI. See prescriptions prioritized by the biggest cost drivers, such as unnecessary nodes, inefficient transportation routes, or poor use of carrier capacity.

Get More Value from Your Supply Chain

With top cost drivers in hand, modelers can spend more time testing scenarios to validate the cost to serve. This includes new transportation routes that drive down both costs and carbon emissions. Test ways to maximize inventory to reduce your holding costs, and see which nodes to easily skip, too.

Validate Real World Payoff

Validate the feasibility of supply chain prescriptions with tradeoffs in your digital twin. From warehouse to factory and everything in between, be sure changes made to your supply chain are truly optimized from end to end.