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Transform your highly complex global spend data
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Understanding how money is spent is critical for the effective operation of any business. Yet, many businesses still lack clear visibility into spend. This obscurity is often caused by disparate systems across the globe, employees spending outside of hard-to-use systems, and spend occurring in different languages or currencies.

Coupa AI Classification transforms outdated data classification processes that rely on humans for accuracy with a modern, digitized system that uses deep machine learning and artificial intelligence to structure and cleanse spend data in a format that procurement, sourcing, and finance leaders can actually use.

View your normalized, enriched, and cleansed spend data within the Coupa AI Classification system or export it to other operational systems using the Coupa Open Business Network™. Our solution is independent of your IT infrastructure so there’s little or no IT work required—simply export or dump your data files and we’ll handle the rest.

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Intelligent Spend Data Classification

Globally business of all sizes struggle with spend visibility. Disparate systems, multiple languages or non-PO backed invoice data are a few examples of why it is a constant challenge to gain a clear view of business spend.

  • Companies who use multiple ERP systems or siloed spend systems (Purchasing cards, T&E, Invoice or Procurement) struggle with multiple supplier master lists or invoice data that doesn’t match any commodity.
  • Coupa AI Classification uses AI and machine learning to compare transaction data and cut through spend data quality issues to normalize and enrich data-all the way into tail spend—so that it can be analyzed.
  • Classify and enrich your supplier and procurement data using your own taxonomy, delivering a ready-to-use procurement information system within days and independent of your current infrastructure.

Proven Results from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI Classification is one of the first operational business technologies to have a proven track record in using AI and machine learning to deliver real business results to customers quickly.

  • AI and machine learning technologies require a large amount of historical and ongoing operational data to develop significant insights—and business value.
  • Coupa AI Classification has worked with customers in a variety of industries to analyze more than a total of $1.3 trillion in spend.
  • The historical knowledge developed by the technology extends to multiple languages and character sets, as well as industry-specific or otherwise esoteric commodities.

Due Diligence with 3rd Party Datasets

With improved visibility into who they’re spending their money with, companies often want to drill down into extensive data into company filings, international legal case histories, etc.

  • Coupa AI Classification integrates with real time enrichment sources: financial risk, diversity, corporate make up, supply chain sentiment across all media sources—including radio/broadcast TV (good news / bad news).
  • Extend your due diligence on critical suppliers with extensive data sets such as international sanction and watch lists, biographies of political and high net worth individuals, and much more.

Managing Supplier Relationships

Companies with complex operations often find that they have multiple relationships with the same supplier for similar goods or services across different parts of their business—with each relationship having a different contract and payment terms.

  • These relationships can be hard to identify when data quality issues obscure the supplier name, or where parent-child relationships in supplier subsidiaries are difficult to track.
  • Coupa AI Classification's supplier compliance identifies “maverick” spend in different parts of the business which are dealing with a supplier independently—rather than running the spend though the primary channel.
  • Identifying all spend with each supplier, spanning global and across the supplier’s entire corporate structure, lets you take immediate action to maximize procurement effectiveness.

A Different Approach, Powered by
Artificial Intelligence

Companies with complex operations often have “islands” of processes and systems across the company, leading to poor data quality and a lack of visibility into what the company is buying and from whom. AI Classification from Coupa uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solution to normalize, enrich, and classify your spend data, eliminating the need for costly, inefficient and time-consuming rules-based integration and transformation of raw data. Drawing on a data warehouse of more than one trillion data points, Coupa AI Classification transforms highly complex global data into simple and actionable information to make your procurement and sourcing efforts more effective.

Metrics that Matter

A global food group reduced supplier volume by 19% in six months.

Top 10 global bank reduced invoice volumes by 15%.

$9m saved from $24m maverick spend - global food group.

A global retailer reduced tail spend by 15% saving $13m in 12 months.

"Now we have access to all of our spend, by individual country, by individual entity, and even down to individual business group. We now have complete transparency over each of our suppliers and our categories of spend.”

— Karin Mills, UK Corporate Indirect Procurement Director, JLL

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