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Nestlé Builds a Resilient Supply Chain with Valuable Analytics

Robert Wang and the Nestlé analytics team plan based on the unplanned. With the help of real-time data, Robert creates a holistic picture to ensure products are exactly where they should be.
Company Overview
Nestlé is committed to unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life. With over 30,000 employees in 31 states, Nestlé offers a portfolio of food and beverage products for people and pets.
Rosslyn, VA


  • Working to build a more efficient, resilient supply chain based on factory output 
  • Managing uncertainty, while working through unplanned disruptions 
  • Evaluating trade-offs between departments and teams


  • Allowing Coupa to support cloud initiatives and department plans 
  • Utilizing and growing the analytics group within Coupa to support decision making
  • Basing supply chain decisions based on concrete data


  • Expanding the user base with supply chain solution set and empowering team of all sizes
  • Leading company through disruptions by evaluating data and planning ahead 
  • Positively influencing teams with useful data and solving problems in a real-time 

“Coupa helps us change the way we do supply chain planning. With Coupa we have successfully expanded our solution space and our user base.”

Robert Wang, Principle Supply Chain Optimization, Nestlé USA