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Service Corporation International

SCI Buries Manual Processes to Hit Savings Targets

SCI was using a manual spreadsheet to manage spend. It was a standalone process with standalone approvals. They wanted to breathe new life into their BSM system to capitalize on savings and to reanimate their approval process with easy integration.

Company Overview
Service Corporation International is North America’s leading provider of death care products and services.
Neartown, TX

Value as a Service


Savings in 2016


of POs Sent Electronically


Hours/Week Saved from Manual Invoicing


A lack of visibility led to missing discounts on invoice payments.

Required solution easy to train and use across employee base.

They needed a solution they could roll out very quickly.

They lacked mobile access to their systems.


It required only 9 months to reach phase one compared to the original rollout timeline of 18 months.

They rolled out Coupa in one day for the entire corporation.

They created a working capital initiative around Coupa.

They improved their bottom line by the savings gained from better payment timing.

"I can ask employees, 'How many of you have bought on Amazon or eBay? If you can do that, you can use Coupa.'"

Rone Luczynski, Assistant Vice President, Procurement & Supply Chain