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World Vision Eyes Better Operational Efficiency with Coupa

World Vision leverages Coupa's cloud-based platform and multilingual capabilities to control costs while staying up-to-date with functionality, even in disadvantaged areas.

Company Overview
World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to helping the poorest of the poor.
Monrovia, CA


A lightweight IT footprint for functionality in resource-poor areas was a necessity.

Multilingual capabilities were crucial for their work in over 100 countries.

Working in poor areas without mass computer experience, ease-of-use was indispensable.


SaaS-based solution maximized functionality, scaling everywhere, and reducing maintenance costs.

Support with Coupa’s multilingual capability was a big advantage.

Ease-of-use, accessibility, and great UX allowed universal adoption.

"Coupa enables us to best manage the resources we’ve been given for our advocacy and community development work."

Kelvin Kwan, Former Global Program Manager, Financial Shared Services