Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning

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Learn how to:

  • Move from episodic reviews of the supply chain to "continuous design"
  • Make faster, more successful supply chain decisions
  • Build a "digital twin" of your supply chain to evaluate different "what-if" scenarios
  • Utilize intuitive tools to optimize supply chain analyses 
  • Minimize third-party risk
  • And much more.
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In order to respond more quickly to disruption, successful supply chain leaders are moving from episodic one-off reviews to continuous design.

Learn how Coupa facilitates smarter, more agile supply chain decisions by using an outside-in approach that enables you to consider multiple scenarios and tradeoffs. 

Using Coupa, you can easily analyze various alternatives, ranging from sourcing inbound materials to last-mile distribution—and test the responsiveness of your supply network before executing a new strategy.

Request this on-demand demo to learn how Coupa’s Supply Chain Design & Planning technology can help you realize the full potential of your supply chain.

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How has supply chain design and planning changed over time to help companies stay competitive and better respond to disruption?

In the past, companies focused on minimizing costs associated with their supply chain. With advances in technology, however, their new focus is on overall value creation, not just cost reduction.

In addition, there has been a shift from long-term supply chain planning using periodical design revisions. Companies are realizing more and more that they must continuously design their supply chain and keep their focus on the short term.

Formerly, many supply chain managers focused on efficiency at a global level, but that is now shifting towards an emphasis on local and regional redundancy to counter the growing level of disruption.

While companies have always focused on optimizing their supply chain for best business results, in recent years this optimization has been further empowered through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Previously, supply chains were designed with little collaboration with the rest of the organization, whereas in recent years the process has become more interdisciplinary, also including the Finance, Procurement, Marketing, and other departments.

What are the benefits of Coupa Supply Chain Design and Planning?

Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning (powered by LLamasoft) empowers you to build a truly resilient and agile supply chain.

With Coupa's digital twin functionality, you can visualize your current supply chain while using advanced algorithms to model scenarios and plan for the future.

Coupa enables companies to continuously design their supply chain with an easy-to-use modeling workflow and a powerful cloud platform.

Coupa's supply chain expertise, as well as implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables you to make faster, smarter decisions to ensure supply chain agility and resilience.

What are the main components of the Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning solution?

Supply Chain Modeler enables you to drastically reduce the time it takes to design your supply chain. It is a comprehensive modeling solution that makes supply chain design a consistent and repeatable process. By providing quick access to data and enabling you to run multiple scenarios, Coupa Supply Chain Modeler helps you confidently reach the optimal supply chain outcomes.

Supply Chain App Studio connects supply chain data, domain expertise, and science together to facilitate faster and smarter supply chain decisions. With Supply Chain App Studio, you can provide purpose-built apps to business users that will enable them to see important data, ask relevant questions, interact with visuals, and share information across systems with all of the stakeholders.

Demand Modeler provides advanced machine learning capabilities to reveal patterns in demand, quantify the influence of external variables, and rapidly model scenarios to predict demand beyond the near term. With Demand Modeler, you have the intelligence to ensure all strategic supply chain decisions are accurately influenced by demand predictions.