Supply Chain Collaboration Leave Revenue Loss Behind with Supply Chain Collaboration

supply chain collaboration

Secure Your Supply Chain with Stronger Supplier Partnerships

Don't let material shortages, price changes, and shipping delays slow your business down. Quickly access and respond to supply chain disruptions all in one Business Spend Management platform.
  • Gain Crystal Clear Visibility

    Integrate your existing ERPs to synchronize your direct spend processes and increase visibility between you and your suppliers.

  • Reduce Costly Supply Chain Disruptions

    With dashboards, know exactly where materials are in the order cycle and communicate with suppliers asynchronously to make more informed business decisions.

  • Work in Sync with Supply Chain Partners

    Become your suppliers’ preferred customer by giving them easier access into your purchase order lifecycle.

  • Gain Crystal Clear Visibility
  • Reduce Costly Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Work in Sync with Supply Chain Partners
Ready to achieve supply assurance? Read our datasheet to find out how.

A Better Way to Engage with Supply Chain Partners: Coupa Supply Chain Collaboration Software

Collaborate by Line-Item Level

Speed up your order lifecycle by sending orders electronically and enabling suppliers to confirm availability by order line with asynchronous communication. And if there’s a change in quantity availability — get quick notifications of pricing recommendations and staggered deliveries from your suppliers.

Get Bi-Directional Integration at Scale

Quickly integrate your ERPs without costly overhead and get up and running right away. And however your suppliers like to communicate — whether it’s cXML, XML, CSV spreadsheets, or system-integrated email — Coupa’s platform enables a seamless and scalable experience for everyone.
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Gain More Control Over Direct Materials

Get a complete overview of orders and their status in real time to gain certainty about your supplies. When changes or delays occur, notifications are sent to the right users with the right context based on their role in the procurement process so your team can respond with agility and speed.

Enhance Visibility for Your Suppliers

Just like you, your suppliers get a complete overview of orders and order status, giving both parties a single source of truth to work from. If suppliers experience price changes or need to stagger deliveries, they can quickly notify you from one easy-to-use dashboard.

An Easier Way to Run Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, you need real-time data integration and visibility into operations between departments to be successful. That’s why we’ve been perfecting our Business Spend Management platform for the past 20 years. It empowers you to manage your spend — whether direct or indirect — all from one place. And with supplier collaboration capabilities, you can now integrate your purchase order processes across your entire supplier base, helping to keep your business running smoothly. Ready to learn more?