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Priority Ambulance Saves $750K in First Year With Help From Coupa

Carlene Sifford, Global Purchasing Manager shares how Priority Ambulance uses Coupa to compare supplier value and eliminate duplicative purchasing which led to savings of $750,000 in their first year.
Company Overview
Priority Ambulance operates 14 ambulance companies across the United States, serving 610,000+ patients annually.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Value as a Service


spend savings in year 1


reduction in SKUs


recouped in credits in year 1


Managing spend across 14 ambulance companies in 21 states

Having duplicative suppliers and no oversight into the buying process

Day-to-day buyers lacking knowledge about spend management best practices


Educating their medical professionals in buying and spend management best practices

Create hosted catalogs with Coupa to realign spend with best value suppliers

Get rid of duplicative purchasing by gaining oversight into SKUs through Coupa


Consolidated to 3 suppliers for disposable medical supplies who represented $4 million in spend.

Saved $750k in spending in the first year of using Coupa.

Reduced their SKUs by 39% with insight into duplicative purchasing.

“Without Coupa, I do not know how we would've been able to merge all of these brands together."

Carlene Sifford, Global Purchasing Manager, Priority Ambulance