Source-to-Contract Drive More Potential, Realize Better Outcomes


Capture More Value with Integrated Source-to-Contract

Say goodbye to silos. Coupa's Source to Contract system starts with vetting and on-boarding suppliers and connects sourcing with contracting, purchasing in one easy-to-use system to maximize impact.
  • Deliver Optimal Solutions

    Tailor events to your distinct business needs, analyze more supplier bids, and invite creative bidding.

  • Mitigate Risk, Drive Impact

    Reduce third-party risk and maximize impact of ESG initiatives with supplier risk, performance, diversity, and sustainability ratings at your fingertips.

  • Realize Negotiated Benefits

    Integrate sourcing with contracting, purchasing, invoicing, and risk to realize the value you've negotiated.

  • Deliver Optimal Solutions
  • Mitigate Risk, Drive Impact
  • Realize Negotiated Benefits
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Explore Source-to-Contract

Accelerate Opportunity Identification

Cut down on the time spent on research with complete visibility into all spend and suppliers. Get automatic suggestions — such as large in-flight requisitions and contracts nearing expiration. Browse Coupa for thousands of pre-rated, pre-enabled suppliers or filter by diversity status, ratings, geography, and more.
Opportunity Identification

Model All Types of Business Requirements with Flexible Events

Use Coupa source-to-contract automation tools to capture data from suppliers in a consistent way and easily compare them against business requirements, potential risks, ESG priorities, and other dimensions. Since Coupa prioritizes what's most important to the company, you can more effectively assess bids, make better decisions about suppliers, and more easily evaluate complex evaluation criteria.
Explore Strategic Sourcing
Set Requirements

Continuously Manage Third-Party Risk and Performance

Using the power of, easily identify suppliers, risk-vet and onboard them, and continuously monitor them for third-party risk and performance using AI and data from external sources.
Explore Supplier Management
Vet and Onboard Suppliers

Seamlessly Pass Bid Results into Contract

Pass pricing and agreed terms of completed awards to new suppliers in Contract, thus realizing savings immediately.
Explore Contract Lifecycle Mangement
Formalize Awards

Guide Employee Buying to Take Advantage of Best Terms

Coupa guided buying surfaces preferred products and services to employees in search results, driving purchasing against the contracts you've sourced and negotiated to realize discounted pricing and other advantageous terms.
Explore Procurement
Drive Spend On-Contract
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