Proactive Procurement: The CPO’s Five Keys to Success

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Proactive Procurement: The CPO’s Five Keys to Success

Some say that the key to success is to start working toward your goal even before you feel ready. This could not be truer for CPOs in 2021. Even though no procurement organization knows for sure what comes next in the post-pandemic economy, that isn’t stopping smart CPOs from taking action this year so they will optimize strategic sourcing and be better prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Get insights into how you can develop new strategies that will help your organization unlock more value in the post-pandemic world by watching The CPO's Five Keys To Success.

Analyst firm Ardent Partners — a research and advisory firm focused on defining and advancing procurement and financial operations strategies, processes, and technologies — recently hosted a webinar based on their research into the keys to success for CPOs.

During the free on-demand webinar, Ardent Partners’ Founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, along with Charlene Wang, Director – Product Marketing at Coupa, discuss the five keys that procurement executives can use to drive success in 2021 and beyond, including great ideas that you can start working on tomorrow.

Why it’s important for CPOs to be proactive

Bartolini examines the future of work within procurement and across the enterprise to help you understand what best-in-class procurement departments are doing right now to outperform their peers and transform their operations. Topics covered in the webinar include how to:

  • Leverage technology through a suite approach with a long-term view
  • Develop a data-driven foundation that supports decision making
  • Reexamine and reimagine your entire global supply chain
  • Leverage cross-company Community Intelligence to manage spend successfully despite increased risks and uncertainty

Get proactive to achieve procurement agility

Bartolini stresses that the winners in procurement will be proactive, agile organizations that can leverage their strategic prowess and fluid resources to anticipate and support dynamic business requirements amidst the more rapid changes in industry, supply markets, and customer behaviors.

Get proactive right now and watch this on-demand recording to discover the CPO's five keys to success.