Spend Setters
Spend Setters
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During uncertain times, leaders rally to respond, innovate, and most importantly, help others. In this Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience series, we speak with several leaders from the Business Spend Management community, asking them to share their experiences and learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are their stories:

Episode 01

"The Next Level"

Procurement and finance leaders, the Spendsetters, are stepping up to ensure business resilience, mitigate risk, and strengthen supply chains. Coupa CPO Michael van Keulen shares his thoughts on the big procurement changes observed during this pandemic.

Episode 02

"We Really Do Matter"

Episode 03

"Cost is not a Differentiator"

Episode 04

"Appetite for Data"

Episode 05

"Making Essential Goods
in a Pandemic"

Procter & Gamble

Episode 06

"A Better Understanding"
John Lewis Partnership

Episode 07

"Getting Alignment"
American Red Cross

Episode 08

"Balancing Speed, Cost Containment,
and Risks"

American Cancer Society

Episode 09

"Supporting a Digital World"
Konica Minolta
Business Solutions Asia

Episode 10

"A Whole New Chapter"
BAE Systems

Episode 11

"Going Virtual Fast"

Episode 12

"Being Resourceful is What We Do"
World Vision International

Episode 13

"Procurement Power"
Schneider Electric

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