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Rivian Uses Coupa to Drive Purchasing and Sourcing Efficiencies

Director of Indirect Purchasing Brad Hood shares how Rivian uses Coupa to support the company's exponential growth and expanding procurement needs - allowing for $70M of savings in just one year.
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Company Overview
Rivian designs and manufactures electric vehicles to help our planet move to carbon neutral energy and transportation.
Irvine, CA

Value as a Service


in purchasing savings in one year


saved by each purchasing employee


Staying agile through market disruptions and economic swings

Prioritizing business spend for unified procurement and sourcing

Allowing for interconnected operational decisions


Putting the right people and processes in place to drive the most impact

Establishing comprehensive alignment across all teams and categories

Focusing on procurement operations and strategic sourcing


Every Rivian employee can purchase through Coupa - streamlining department efficiencies

Each indirect purchasing team member saved $1.5M across tactical buying and strategic sourcing

System data provides powerful insight on suppliers and categories

"We can sleep well at night knowing that with Coupa we have the right financial controls within our system."

Brad Hood, Director of Indirect Purchasing, Rivian