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Pearson Gives Coupa an A+ in Business Spend Management

With about £2.5 billion spent on goods and services spread across all types of categories globally, Pearson faced a graduate-level challenge to address lack of data, lack of information, lack of contracts, and no uniform processes.

Company Overview
Pearson Education is a FTSE 100 company and the world’s leading education organization.
London, UK

Value as a Service


Increase in Compliance


Spend Transferred to Coupa in 6 Months

24 hours

or Less from PR to PO


Several disjointed systems didn’t allow for a comprehensive view of spend.

Leaders lacked overall business spend data and contracts information to make strategic decisions quickly.

Need to improve risk management and enforce compliance.


Better spend visibility translated to optimized risk management, better deals with suppliers, and bigger savings to reinvest in organization.

Over 87% of 25,000 global users said Coupa was either better or significantly better than previous applications.

"We've really seen the powerful benefits of information flowing seamlessly end-to-end on the Coupa platform."

Dan Cameron, Former Senior Vice President of Procurement