Coupa Advantage Pre-Negotiated Savings and Community Sourcing Events

Coupa Advantage

Tap Into Better Terms From Trusted Suppliers

Leverage the scale of the Coupa community with pre-vetted suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts for greater discounts, accelerated terms, and streamlined supplier onboarding.
  • Instantly Available

    Efficiently onboard suppliers and engage with suppliers in minutes through Coupa's out-of-the-box catalogs.

  • Trusted Suppliers

    Access a community of expertly managed suppliers that have been vetted for quality, reliability, and coverage.

  • Increased Savings

    Harness the power of pooled spend and community bargaining to maximize both savings and service levels with expertly-run collective sourcing events.

  • Instantly Available
  • Trusted Suppliers
  • Increased Savings
Explore Turnkey Savings and Sourcing Events with Coupa Advantage

Explore Sourcing Advantage

Sourcing Advantage connects businesses that have common purchasing needs to work together and use the group’s combined spend volume and sourcing expertise for group events.

Valuable Collaborative Events

Source goods and services by leveraging a greater volume and assortment from a group of businesses.
Explore Sourcing Events

Deploy External Expertise

Offload the burden of sourcing certain categories to a single shared sourcing/category expert.
Explore Sourcing Events

Strategic Community Sourcing

Combine item specs across companies to rationalize SKUs and get better terms for payment, SLAs, quality, etc.
Explore Sourcing Events
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Support Your Diversity & Inclusion Goals
Coupa Advantage complements your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy by thoughtfully recruiting a broad range of suppliers to make it easy for you to find diverse, minority and woman-owned businesses that can fulfill your goods and services needs.

Coupa Advantage Empowers Your Change-Makers

When you join the Coupa Advantage program you are providing a powerful path for your employees to become change-makers for good. A portion of program proceeds benefit a worthy activity or cause supported by Coupa Cares. For example:


Combat Housing Insecurity

Buying green office supplies helps to fund organizations like Habitat for Humanity and United Way that aid people with housing insecurity.

Expand Career Options

Ordering IT hardware assists educational programs like Techbridge Girls by expanding underserved communities’ access to STEM-focused academics and careers.

Support Diversity & Sustainability

Choosing a diverse supplier and/or sustainable products when given the option is good for the planet and directly benefits a minority or woman-owned enterprise.