The 2023 Benchmark Report: Get the 10 Best-in-Class KPIs for Retail

Coupa for Retail

Control spend and optimize supply chains to get the most out of every dollar spent.
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Capture Spend Across Stores and Regions

Support stores with the goods and services needed to operate while increasing on-contract spend, capturing savings, and improving margins.

Better Manage Contingent Workforce During Peak Seasons

Quickly onboard temporary staff members by filtering resumes, proving background checks, managing timesheets, and avoiding projects from going over budget.

Increase Supply Chain Agility

Adapt to changing market conditions and emerging risks by making data-driven decisions that account for the right balance of costs, service, and risk.
Industry-Leading Supply Chain Technology

Industry-Leading Supply Chain Technology Powered by LLamasoft

Create a digital twin of your supply chain to test what-if scenarios, analyze trade-offs, and empower people to make data-driven decisions. Our retail customers identify an average of 10.5% project savings while creating reimagined experiences.
Ahold Leverages Coupa For Procurement Efficiency
Ahold USA brands encompass significant retail supermarkets, often with delis, pharmacies, or gas stations, as well as convenience stores, and Peapod, the largest online grocery in the US.
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