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We Help Private Growth Drive Value Creation

Why Coupa

Coupa understands the fast pace and unique challenges facing Private Growth. Driven by strong core values, we help firms and their portfolio of managed companies control spend, improve operating margins, grow profitably, and improve compliance. We have built a flexible program offering a spectrum of services to support the individual needs of each firm and portfolio companies to help bolster, build and support business growth and profitability.
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Specialized Services

Coupa for Private Growth provides specialized services based on unique needs for ease of engagement with a consistent experience across your portfolio. We offer a single point of contact for inquiries and escalations, access to executive alignment, and predictable pricing with pre-negotiated contracts and expedited processes. Our expert team provides thought leadership, participates in specialized events and roundtables and delivers value creation studies.

Increase Value Across Your Portfolio

IPO Readiness

Develop operational excellence, compliance, governance, predictability

Increase Margins

Improve operating margins through efficiencies in AP and back-office processes.

Grow More Profitably

Drive profitability and measurable value with our platform.

Risk Mitigation

Implement financial controls and document approvals to drive compliance and accountability.

Power of Community