Streamline the buying process

Maximize on-contract spend and improve supplier collaboration with a unified, user-friendly, and AI-driven approach to procure-to-order processes.


Key benefits

Take procurement to the next level

Capture all spend and payments and connect sourcing with contracting and purchasing within one unified platform. Simple onboarding and an easy-to-use interface drive high adoption among users and suppliers.

Take procurement to the next level

Get early visibility into all spend

Conduct all your transactions within one controlled environment and eliminate maverick spend. Quickly find top-rated suppliers and use AI to uncover opportunities to mitigate risk and capture savings.

Take procurement to the next level

Meet and exceed ESG goals

Capture key ESG and risk data, then weave it across all your spend processes to inform decisions that support corporate responsibility goals. Plus, find ways to improve ESG performance with AI-driven insights.

Get personalized and dedicated support

Scale processes for sustained growth

Be prepared for the unexpected with agile systems configurable through a no-code, power user-owned UI. With Coupa Community data and AI, you'll also get personalized insights to help grow your business.

Scale processes for sustained growth

Switch to intelligent spend management

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How does Coupa's procure-to-order solution help to detect fraud and manage risk?

When you bring your procure-to-order process into a single, unified platform, you’ll streamline the buying process, eliminate maverick spend, and collaborate with low-risk suppliers. AI-driven insights also identify potential fraud as well as opportunities to mitigate risk.

What is the process for onboarding and collaborating with suppliers in Coupa procure-to-order?

Coupa’s procure-to-order solution simplifies supplier collaboration. Easy, no-fees onboarding and a single supplier login help to drive high supplier adoption and use.

How does Coupa procure-to-order help organizations meet ESG goals?

Coupa procure-to-order connects ESG and spend data across your full procure-to-order process so you can make strategic decisions that support your ESG goals and increase spend to diverse, sustainable, and low-risk suppliers. You also get access to Coupa Community data that you can use to benchmark your organization’s performance on metrics like the percentage of diverse suppliers and overall supply chain sustainability.

How quickly can I get started with Coupa's procure-to-order solution?

Coupa is easy to implement, easy to adopt, and easy to use — for internal teams and suppliers alike. Intelligent intake and orchestration also simplifies the purchasing process for intuitive buying and easy, real-time tracking.