Enterprise Increase margins with unparalleled precision

Increase margins with unparalleled precision

Why enterprises choose Coupa for their global operations

Be prepared for the opportunities and uncertainties of tomorrow. Improve margins while reducing risk and controlling costs from one unified, AI-driven platform.
  • Plan today for resilience

    Stay ahead of market changes, supply chain disruptions, and tax mandates while managing risk and ensuring compliance on a global scale.

  • Get full visibility into company-wide spend

    With a clear view of direct and indirect spend, you'll know where every dollar is spent and invested so you can make informed cost-control decisions.

  • Maximize efficiency with AI-driven insights

    Automate manual processes, streamline approvals, and uncover perspective insights to reduce costs and demonstrate a fast payback period with one unified platform.

  • Plan today for resilience
  • Get full visibility into company-wide spend
  • Maximize efficiency with AI-driven insights
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Turn purchasing and payments into a profit booster

Achieve complete spend visibility, manage risk, and improve margins no matter what changes the market may bring with the AI-driven, market-leading procure-to-pay solution. Automate intake, approvals, supplier onboarding, and payments to manage procure-to-pay processes with ease.
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Simplify sourcing to boost savings

Identify your top suppliers and build strong supplier relationships with an integrated, easy-to-adopt platform that connects sourcing, contracting, and purchasing. Drive business impact by enabling more strategic sourcing decisions, simplified risk management, and better contracts negotiation.
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Design a strong, resilient supply chain

Digitize your entire supply chain with the industry’s leading AI-driven modeler. Test scenarios to prepare for unexpected disruptions, reduce carbon emissions, improve profitability, or any other area important to the business. Get dedicated support from experts to gain more value out of your models.
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Keep track of materials at every step

Ensure delivery of mission-critical supplies with one place to identify, collaborate, and respond to disruptions. Give your suppliers greater visibility into purchase orders and demand forecasting with a faster way to communicate changes.
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Drive high-adoption for users and suppliers

Maximize on-contract spend and improve supplier collaboration with a unified, user-friendly, and AI-driven approach to procure-to-order processes. Capture all spend and payments in one place for clear, complete visibility across your entire organization.
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Streamline AP processes with AI-driven automation

Replace time-consuming manual tasks with efficient workflows that maximize productivity, ensure compliance, and provide full spending visibility. Switch to e-invoicing with automatic PO matching, out-of-the-box compliance automation, and AI fraud detection to free your AP team for more high-value work.
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