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Coupa for Business Services

Empower employees with the tools and resources for each job while capturing business spend to drive savings and invest strategically.
Why Accenture Recommends Coupa

Ensure Project Success with Easy Ordering

Support employees with user-centric procurement and simplified approval chains, spending less time on paperwork and more time with the customer.

Unify the Ordering of Goods and Services for Increased Spend Visibility

Measure total project cost by accounting for labor, indirect, and direct spend. In-depth spend analytics help managers make strategic decisions with confidence.

Reduce Third-Party Business Risk to Protect the Brand

Identify high-risk third-parties with AI-powered risk management that monitors third parties for news sentiment, financial viability, and fraud.
Support Employees with the Top Rated Procurement Platform

Support Employees with the Top Rated Procurement Platform

Rated number one by customers and analysts for usability, Coupa was built with the end-user in mind. Simplified ordering and approval chains support employees on the road so they can spend more time on projects.
Discover How Concentrix Used Coupa to Avoid $32M in Spend Leakage
In a siloed and growing company with many business travelers, you need an efficient global solution. Concentrix uses Coupa to pull a comprehensive dashboard that executives use to identify savings.
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