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None of Us Is as Smart as All of Us

Only Coupa helps you increase margins and drive profitability by combining the power of $4T+ of anonymized spend data with instant access to a community of experts.
  • Discover Deeper Insights

    Leverage AI-powered insights to benchmark your business against our global customer community to reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and be more profitable.

  • Make Better Decisions

    Foster meaningful change and drive success by empowering teams with the right information at the right time through actionable prescriptions.

  • Connect and Collaborate

    Make meaningful connections, set global business benchmarks, and combine spending power to drive better BSM results.

  • Discover Deeper Insights
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Support Mutual Success
See How Communities and AI Are Coming Together to Impact Business

Minimize Risk, Increase Margins, and Capture More Value with Community Insights analyzes real-time spend data, applies AI to compare your company’s metrics against others, and prescribes ways for every organization to be more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Compare Your Spend on Popular Items

Negotiate smarter and drive more savings with benchmark prices for the top 10,000 frequently purchased items across the Coupa community. View aggregated pricing analyses and take action with prescriptive recommendations that help you secure the best possible prices.
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Enable Faster Supplier Discovery

Discover the best suppliers for your needs quickly by searching community-trusted suppliers using criteria such as items offered, regions served, trust ratings, and more. Support your company's D&I initiatives by finding vetted suppliers with diverse backgrounds.
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Ensure Everyone Has Everything They Need

Analyze catalog searches to quickly identify misalignment between the items that are available and items that are needed to ensure business users are successful.
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Identify Fraud with Continuous AI Spend Monitoring

Prevent fraud before money goes out the door by leveraging AI-powered insights on extensive community data to detect suspicious behavior patterns. Flag transactions for auditors to catch fraud, user error, and other spend leakages that would otherwise go unnoticed.
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Monitor Supplier Risk in Real Time

Detect risks in real time across your company’s entire supplier base by leveraging AI-powered insights and community data to monitor supplier viability and performance. Intelligent prescriptions provide recommended next steps to manage suppliers and mitigate risk.
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Identify and Execute Opportunities with Prescriptive Insights

Take action with prescriptive recommendations from within Insights across expenses, requests, invoices, inventory, sourcing, suppliers, contracts, and reports to drive efficiencies and increase margins.
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Make Spend More Profitable and Purposeful with Community Connections connects our global customer community to give you instant recommendations, a place to share best practices, and opportunities to tap into greater savings.

A Collaborative Online Community Experience

Join the Coupa Community to connect with your peers, get answers, and share insights on demand from within your Coupa platform. Seamlessly embedded within Coupa's applications, connecting with peers and sharing ideas is seamless and easy.
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Pre-Negotiated Contracts with Trusted Suppliers

Instant Advantage provides pre-negotiated savings, terms, and contracts from dozens of trusted suppliers. Enjoy instant access to punchout catalogs across multiple categories — without requiring IT support or tricky integrations.
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Group Sourcing Events to Maximize Savings

Sourcing Advantage allows you to join together with others in the Coupa community and maximize buying power through professionally managed sourcing events. Augment the expertise and resources you already have to get more value out of your business spend.
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Events for Learning, Sharing, and Growing Together

Learn best practices through events such as user groups, webinars, and conferences designed for in-depth peer engagement. Meet other BSM professionals and learn how to leverage Coupa as a strategic asset to fuel your company’s performance, profitability, and progress.
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USO Captures $136K in Process Savings With
Using, USO reduced invoice processing times from 4-7 days to less than 2 days, capturing significant savings to reinvest into the organization's non-profit mission.
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