Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fostering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Improving DEI is one of Coupa’s core commitments. Our DEI strategy rests on three pillars: Talent, Workplace, and Market & Communities.


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“At Coupa, our optimized DEI strategy is an integral part of our business strategy. DEI is not only a moral imperative, but a financial one.”

Zach Logan

Director of DE&I, Coupa

Effective outreach and equitable hiring practices

Coupa's objective is to increase the hiring, retention, and promotion of people in underrepresented demographics.

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Equitable and inclusive culture of belonging

Our employees model behavior that reflects our commitment to DEI. We have an environment where everyone feels respected.

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We create DEI success

By supporting our suppliers, customers, and communities we lead by example, making DEI explicit through our actions.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Coupa Empower

Supporting women in business & allies


Supporting underrepresented communities & allies


Supporting LGBTQ+ & allies


Supporting the Asian Pacific Islander community & allies


Supporting global veterans, active military & allies


Supporting the disabilities/abilities community & allies

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Spent with diverse suppliers

Supplier Diversity

We believe spending with diverse suppliers promotes economic development and provides valuable perspectives. Using our Business Spend Management platform and Supplier Diversity Dashboard, we track diversity among our suppliers.

In 2022, we spent $23 million with diverse suppliers, representing 6.7% of our total spend.

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Community Partnership with The GenderCool Project

Coupa built a partnership with The GenderCool Project to help us further prepare for future leaders of tomorrow. GenderCool is a youth-inspired movement that replaces misinformed opinions with the positive, powerful experience of meeting transgender and non-binary young people.

Empower ERG MEvolution Program


Felt less burnt-out

Empower ERG MEvolution Program

Many women face huge challenges. Too often, the result is low energy and feeling alone. Empower saw an opportunity to support our female colleagues through MEvolution, a science-based personal growth program that measures and increases human capacity by teaching people how to manage, direct, and optimize their energy.

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McKinsey Connected Leadership Academies Partnership

Through our new partnership with the McKinsey Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian Leadership Academies, we support career advancement. The Academies are designed to help participants from marginalized backgrounds build leadership capabilities and network with executives to assist them in reaching the next step in their careers.



coupa GenderCool

“GenderCool is proud to have Coupa as a silver corporate partner, we've been impressed by Coupa's dedication to transgender youth and continuous learning.”

John Grosshandler, Founder & Board Chair