The 2023 Benchmark Report: Get the 10 Best-in-Class KPIs for Life Sciences

Coupa for Life Sciences

Optimize spend to increase lab productivity, fuel R&D innovation, and maintain regulatory compliance.
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Streamline Lab Ordering to Reduce R&D Bottlenecks

Simplified usability for doctors, lab managers, and scientists ensure easy on-contract ordering to avoid delays.

Optimize Supply Chains to Save Millions

AI-powered sourcing and supply chain management empowers companies to model complex supply chain scenarios based on risk, cost, and expiry.

Avoid Supply Chain Corruption and Risk

Monitor third-parties for fraud and corruption while creating a real-time ledger of approvals and ordering to maintain SOX and Sunshine compliance.
Third-Party Risk Management

Unify Third-Party Risk Management and Procurement

Actively monitor and vet third-parties to reduce business risk, avoid fines, and reduce time to value.
Sanofi Unifies P2P Processes in Only 8 Months
Sanofi merged 22 spend processes to one platform in less than a year to increase user adoption to 95% user adoption and over $10B in spend flowing through Coupa.
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