Coupa Treasury

Complete, real-time visibility across all your spend

Coupa Treasury provides a complete view of company cash across treasury, finance, procurement, and supply chain so you can optimize liquidity and improve forecasting from one unified platform.

Coupa Treasury

Key benefits

Manage your cash flows with confidence

Bring all of your organization’s financial data into one place for the full picture of your cash position. Forecast confidently, understand funds across multiple subsidiaries, and make more informed decisions.

Manage your cash flows with confidence

Unlock hidden liquidity

Uncover hidden yield and reduce cost-of-capital by leveraging multiple payment rails and taking advantage of early payment and supplier discounts.

Unlock hidden liquidity

Improve operational performance

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to transparent and automated workflows, reduced transaction costs, actionable AI-driven insights, and a team free to focus on strategic opportunities.

Improve operational performance

Optimize supply chain sustainability

Capture and leverage ESG data across your entire organization to inform strategic decisions that meet customer, investor, and regulatory sustainability initiatives.

Optimize supply chain sustainability


Quickly and easily act on cash insights

Instantly know your cash position with visibility across subsidiaries, currencies, and accounts. Move funds with one click and run scenarios to see how long funding will last if expense categories change.

Manage short- and long-term instruments

From one place, stay on top of maturities, interest and principal settlements, as well as risks across all banking partners. Streamline processes by automating transactions, accrual, and valuation accounting.

Smarter cash flow forecasting

Draw numerous scenarios, versions, workflow management, group consolidation, actual vs. plan analyses, intercompany forecast reconciliation, and more with advanced cash forecasting and liquidity planning tools.

Save big with intercompany netting

Transparent and automated reconciliation and netting of intercompany invoices reduce transactions and costs while optimizing internal financing, cash allocation, and hedging.

Capitalize on in-house banking

Be your own best banking partner. Consolidate subsidiary exposure and streamline intercompany transfers with centralized group-wide payments, cash pooling, and simple intercompany account structures.

Identify and mitigate financial risk

Use real-time data and integrated trading platforms to document, manage, and evaluate deals and trades. Reduce FX risk and interest rate volatility and easily perform scenario and sensitivity analyses.

Simplify payment management

A multi-banking portal with universal accessibility for global, domestic, and ERP invoice payment processing gives you control and agility. Set up automated payment runs to boost efficiency and reduce fraud.

Ensure compliance and prevent fraud

Minimize the risk of payment fraud with integrated risk mitigation, payment verification, and AI. Detect unusual activities with a central vendor database and streamline payment approval using validation status.

Analyze and share meaningful data

Draw conclusions faster and keep your organization agile with easy-to-make financial reports. Interpret and easily share data insights with flexible, standard reports and a custom report designer.

Easily join the Global SWIFT Network

Become a Standard Corporate Environment (SCORE) member of the most powerful and secure financial network. Receive your own BIC, and we'll handle your compliance with the Customer Security Programme (CSP) and token management.

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What are the main functions of a treasury management or cash management software?

Coupa Treasury helps organizations more effectively manage cash and liquidity from one, unified platform. With automation, AI-driven insights, and a complete picture of cash and spend, organizations can replace manual workflows, unlock hidden liquidity, and make more confident forecasting and investing decisions.

Who uses treasury management?

The primary users of treasury management software are — you guessed it — treasurers and cash managers! However, a comprehensive platform that integrates with your ERP and other technologies can help treasures collaborate more effectively with other teams across the business. For example, Coupa Treasury helps treasury teams work seamlessly with procurement to take advantage of supplier discounting terms, mitigate fraud, and reduce late payments that negatively impact your business.

What is the difference between a cash management system and a treasury management system?

Cash management systems deal with external influences, while treasury management systems deal with internal influences. Cash management is how a company generates cash and spends it, like buying materials and paying suppliers. Treasury is what a company does with its money while it has it, like investing or moving cash between subsidiaries.