Coupa Treasury Agility Starts with Visibility - Take Treasury to the Next Level

Drive Agility With Greater Transparency and Control of Your Financial Data

You can't control what you can't see. With greater visibility into cash and payments, make smarter financial decisions, optimizing liquidity and improving forecasting.
  • Maximize Cash

    Optimize return on cash and reduce borrowing costs by gaining deeper insights into your cash position and forecast.

  • Reduce Financial Risk

    Safeguard liquidity with AI-driven fraud controls and hedge financial risks, such as FX and interest volatility.

  • Improve Operational Performance

    Drive efficiency with in-house bank functionalities and save time by automating cash management and settlement across multiple subsidiaries, currencies, accounts and users.

  • Maximize Cash
  • Reduce Financial Risk
  • Improve Operational Performance
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Quickly and Easily Act on Cash Insights

Coupa delivers complete, real-time visibility and transparency for organizations with multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and accounts. Instantly know your cash position, move funds with one click and run scenarios to see how long funding will last if income or expense categories are adjusted.

Manage Short- and Long-Term Instruments

Manage all debt and investment positions in Coupa’s single control center. Stay on top of maturities, interest and principal settlements, as well as risks across all banking partners, your in-house bank, and other counterparties. Streamline processes by automating transactions, accrual and valuation accounting.

Smarter Cash Flow Forecasting

Boost confidence in short, mid and long-term business health with Coupa’s cash forecasting and liquidity planning capabilities. Draw numerous  scenarios, versions, workflow management, group consolidation, actual vs. plan analyses, intercompany forecast reconciliation and much more.

Save Big With Intercompany Netting

Lighten workloads with multilateral netting powered by Coupa. Transparent and automated reconciliation and netting of intercompany invoices reduce transactions and costs while optimizing internal financing, cash allocation and hedging risks.

Capitalize on In-House Banking

Be your own best banking partner. Consolidate subsidiary exposure and streamline intercompany transfers with centralized group-wide payments, cash pooling and simple intercompany account structures for all subsidiaries. Optimize intercompany financing and hedging.

Identify and Mitigate Financial Risk

Make use of actionable, real-time data and integrated trading platforms to document, manage and evaluate deals and trades. Protect against FX risk and interest rate volatility and perform scenario and sensitivity analyses with ease. Exposure and hedge ratio tracking ensure compliance.

Bank Connectivity with Comprehensive Payment Management

Designed for maximum control and agility, Coupa provides a multi-banking portal with universal accessibility for global, domestic and ERP invoice payment processing in a secure environment. Set up automated payment runs to boost efficiency and shore up your fraud defenses.

Ensure Compliance and Prevent Fraudulent Payments

Rely on Coupa for compliance with regulations, secure processes and a full audit trail. Minimize the risk of payment fraud with integrated risk mitigation, payment verification and artificial intelligence. Detect suspicious activities with a central vendor database and streamline payment approval using validation status.

Analyze and Share Meaningful Data

Drawing conclusions and delivering insight hinges on a team’s ability to interpret data easily and quickly, share financial data and keep the organization agile. With Coupa's comprehensive solution, you have access to flexible, standard reports as well as a custom report designer.

Easily Join and Comply with the Global SWIFT Network

Coupa helps you become a Standard Corporate Environment  (SCORE) member of the most powerful and secure financial network for cash management, payments, digital matching and trade finance. Receive your own BIC and let us take care of your compliance with the Customer Security Programme (CSP) and token management. 

The Power of Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from treasury and cash management with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.

Treasury Management + Payments

Gain complete, real-time transparency into multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and accounts for sound decision making and streamlined payments.
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Treasury Management + Working Capital

Increase visibility from source-to-settle and automatically incorporate payments into the cash position to identify excess or deficit cash.
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Treasury Management + Procurement

Reduce financial risk from supplier contracts and payments to protect against FX risk and interest rate volatility.
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