Procurement Leaders Enhance Procurement’s Resilience in Uncertain Markets

Implement proactive purchasing strategies that control costs, address supply risk, and support supplier sustainability.

Cut Costs with Laser Precision

Rising inflation and supply challenges can squeeze your company's margins. But with a precise BSM platform, you can make procurement more resilient than ever. Proactively reduce costs in key areas, monitor compliance and supplier risks, and drive your business’s product and process innovation efforts.

Use sharp vs blunt spend management tools

Use precise spend management tools

Get full visibility into spend across all categories, such as tail spend, to drive sourcing events. Optimize high-expense areas, and even eliminate rogue purchasing.

Limited visibility into company-wide spend activity creates room for mishaps and disruptions

Proactively monitor for compliance and supply chain risks

As you find ways to future-proof your business, you can use Coupa to ensure continuity of supply, protect revenue, and monitor ESG and compliance risks.

Reinvest your savings to build a better business

Reinvest your savings to build a better business

On a single BSM platform, procurement leaders finally get tools and insights to redeploy savings toward strategic initiatives, like making the supply chain more resilient.

Rise to the next stage of procurement maturity

Discover how people, processes, and technology components transform procurement teams from tactical to innovative in our eBook: The Four Stages of Procurement Maturity.

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Overcome Your Biggest Procurement Challenges

Your CFO asks you to cut costs.

What if your CFO asks you to cut costs?


Instead of using blanket cost-cutting to reduce expenses, Coupa provides procurement teams with the knowledge, agility, and tools to improve efficiency and reduce spend in specific areas of your business.


What can you do if your sourcing team has limited capacity?

Strategic Sourcing

Busy sourcing teams are tasked with ensuring continuity of supply while protecting revenue. Coupa helps them digitize manual processes so they can connect contracting, purchasing, invoice validation, and supplier payments in a single platform.

Risk and ESG

How do you build relationships with reliable, sustainable, and trustworthy suppliers?

Risk and ESG

To deliver on your ESG initiatives and mitigate risk, it’s critical to vet and purchase from reliable, sustainable, and diverse suppliers. Coupa’s business sustainability capabilities ensure that you can save money while accelerating corporate responsibility.

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