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Outmaneuver disruptions, confidently balance tradeoffs, and multiply margins in your physical supply chain with Coupa’s AI-driven optimization platform — powered by LLamasoft.

Supply Chain Design & Planning

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Make confident decisions

Want to improve revenue? How about reduce carbon emissions? Whatever your company goals are, run limitless scenarios and reach the best outcomes with a digital model of your supply chain and trusted AI algorithms.

Make confident decisions

Collaborate and innovate faster

Get off spreadsheets and move into a digital environment where your data and teams come together. Share, visualize, and collaborate on models and simultaneously run thousands of scenarios to speed up decision-making.

Collaborate and innovate faster

Get advice from industry experts

Build models using industry templates and quickly run scenarios with business use case apps to make intelligent decisions faster. Unlock even more value from your models with dedicated support from the Coupa team.

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“With Coupa, you have control over your top priorities. You can have carbon emissions run parallel to costs, weigh the outcomes, and make straightforward decisions.”

Cassie Wang

Senior Global Network Model & Design Engineer

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What is a digital replica or twin?

A digital twin is a digitized or virtual replication of a physical supply chain. It combines different technologies like cloud computing, AI, advanced analytics, simulation visualization, and more to enable companies to understand the many complex internal and external parts of their supply chains. With the ability to recreate a real supply chain in a virtual world, companies can test scenarios, model different nodes, modes, flows, and policies to make informed decisions and create a plan to avoid disruptions in their network operations.

Who needs supply chain design & planning software?

Any company with a physical supply chain can benefit from supply chain design & planning software. Some of the most common industries that use the technology include food and beverage, retail, energy, manufacturing, and technology, among others.

Most importantly, a digital twin is crucial in building a more resilient supply chain in today’s unpredictable market. Until recently, most supply chain design and planning efforts used a certain set of assumptions around stability, rationality, and availability of supply. However, there are now many factors — like climate change, geo-political conflicts, and fast-changing consumer preferences — that make it crucial to routinely test varying scenarios in a supply chain. By doing so, companies can create contingency plans based on data, not assumptions. Coupa's Supply Chain Design & Planning software helps shorten the time it takes for companies to go from question to answer in a rapidly changing world. 

How do I get support for this product?

Coupa provides 24/7 support in multiple languages. Designated users may open tickets with our support team via the Compass Portal. The Compass Portal also hosts a searchable knowledge base, product documentation, and software downloads, including sample models and an interactive online community.

Designated users are also encouraged to contact their Customer Account Manager (CAM) or Customer Value Manager (CVM) for personalized assistance.