Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning Smarter, Faster Supply Chain Decision Making

The Global Leader in Continuous Supply Chain Design

Run a truly resilient and agile supply chain with the help of a comprehensive data model and powerful AI. Democratize the power of intelligent supply chain decisions across the enterprise.
  • Learn from Today, Be Ready for Tomorrow

    Take advantage of our digital twin functionality by visualizing your current supply chain while using our advanced algorithms to model the future.

  • Always be (Re)Designing

    Deep supply chain expertise, an easy to use modeling workflow, and a powerful cloud platform enable rapid time-to-value for your continuous modeling needs.

  • Provide Intelligence Where and When It Counts

    Ensure valuable supply chain intelligence is driving decisions in the boardroom as well as the front lines.

  • Learn from Today, Be Ready for Tomorrow
  • Always be (Re)Designing
  • Provide Intelligence Where and When It Counts
Harvard Business Review Brief: Building the Next Generation of Resilient Supply Chains

Supply Chain Intelligence at the Pace of Change

Explore how our Supply Chain Design & Planning products fuel faster, smarter decisions across your enterprise.

Drastically Reduce Your Time to Design

Supply Chain Modeler is an all-in-one modeling solution that transforms design and analysis from one-off projects to a consistent and repeatable process. Quickly access data, model the supply chain, and run countless design scenarios to confidently reach the outcomes you prefer.
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Deliver AI to Those Who Need It Most

Supply Chain App Studio connects data, domain expertise, and science for rapid decision making across the enterprise. Deliver purpose built apps that provide business users the ability to see data, ask questions, interact with visuals, and share info among all relevant stakeholders and systems.
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Bring New Context to Demand Predictions

Demand Modeler offers the scale and intelligence needed to ensure demand is accurately influencing all strategic supply chain decisions. Advanced machine learning capabilities reveal patterns, quantify the impact of external factors and rapidly model scenarios predicting demand in the mid to long-term.
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Get More Value from Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Prescriptions enhance scenario planning data — empowering stakeholders to make the most optimized decisions. Quickly identify the biggest cost drivers in the supply chain, get recommended scenarios to run to reduce them, and start seeing savings sooner.
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The Power of Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from your supply chain with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.

Supply Chain Design & Planning + Sourcing

Identify gaps in supply and seamlessly trigger sourcing events to get what you need with the best landed cost and service performance.
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Supply Chain Design & Planning + Supplier Management

Flag risky suppliers in your end-to-end supply chain design process and plan for scenarios to mitigate any elevated risks.
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