How a Comprehensive Business Spend Management Platform Unlocks Hidden Value for Your Business Spend

Coupa Business Spend Management Platform Everything You Need to Optimize Your Spend in One Place

Coupa Business Spend Management Platform

Designed for Everyone and Built for Scale

Coupa’s cloud native platform powers all the capabilities you need for Business Spend Management at scale.
  • Suite-Wide Visibility and Control

    Coupa’s unified suite of capabilities employ a common data model and common UI/UX across the platform to deliver shared insights and actions. We call it “Suite Synergy.”

  • Highly Flexible & Extensible

    Over 10 million configuration permutations, hundreds of APIs and workflow-building capabilities enable Coupa to meet the most exacting process needs of any organization.

  • Accelerated Implementation

    Coupa’s open cloud architecture and straightforward approach to integrations allows deployments to go live and start delivering value in months, not years.

  • Suite-Wide Visibility and Control
  • Highly Flexible & Extensible
  • Accelerated Implementation
Learn How Coupa’s Cloud-Based BSM Platform Combines Usability, Flexibility, and Compliance

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Learn Once, Use Anywhere UX

Coupa delivers a familiar, mobile-enabled experience across every interaction to drive adoption by employees and suppliers. With higher adoption comes increased realized savings, greater visibility and improved compliance and control.
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Maximum Scalability and Security

Built on leading cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Coupa provides you with the security and scalability your business requires. Our commitment to invest in the technology, people, and processes ensures your data is always safe, secure, and private.
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Customizable for Your Needs

Coupa is highly flexible and extensible due to our no-code customizations. Our APIs, Process Builder and Panel Apps are designed to accommodate even your most edge-case business process needs. Create extended value by developing apps for niche business process areas not covered by Coupa’s native platform.
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Straightforward Integrations

Coupa's open approach makes it easy to integrate with any ERP and financial system. Our standard integrations with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and many more make integrations simple and fast. To rapidly deliver value, Coupa has partnered with middleware providers to deliver accelerators that significantly reduce upfront configuration work.
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Best-of-Breed Technology

Coupa acts as your Connected Core by delivering best-of-breed Business Spend Management applications via our extensible platform. As the center of your BSM ecosystem, it's always quick and easy to integrate Coupa with applications and data across your entire enterprise software stack.
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Community-Driven Insights

Coupa provides actionable insights from across its entire community of customers and suppliers. Community-wide transactional spend data is captured, anonymized, secured and aggregated. AI and machine learning is used to create insights and prescriptions that are delivered back to users.

A True Cloud-Based Platform

Coupa was born and bred in the cloud, so you can access the system anytime, anywhere, from any device. Benefit from the shared innovation, performance benchmarks and combined buying power of the collective Coupa community.
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