One BSM platform
to meet all your needs

One BSM platform to meet all your needs

Improve your company’s performance and purpose with a unified business spend management solution and an open ecosystem.

BSM Platform
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  • Procurement & Invoicing

    Bring harmony to procurement and invoicing

    Streamline spend control, purchasing and accounts payable.

    • Simplify the intake and purchasing process and track in real time
    • Create a touchless AP process with automatic two-way and three-way matching
    • Collaborate with suppliers at the PO line level, with quick notification of issues
  • Payments & Treasury

    Make your working capital work harder

    Gain real-time visibility into your subsidiaries, currencies, and accounts. 

    • Automatically consolidate payments for employees, suppliers, and other beneficiaries in one place 
    • Protect your cash flow and manage spend with AI-driven fraud controls 
    • Easily create reports and share them with important decision-makers 
  • Travel & Expense

    Track travel and expenses on the go, from anywhere

    Build the best travel and expense program with one comprehensive solution.   

    • Book trips in five minutes and automatically rebook when flight or hotel prices drop 
    • Create expense reports on the go — and so much more — right on the mobile app
    • Unite your T&E with BSM to identify even more saving opportunities  
  • Contingent Workforce

    Work in sync with your non-employee workforce

    Gain better visibility and spend control over your external service partners.

    • Create seamless requisition lifecycles with customer-defined tenure rules and flexible approval routes 
    • Automate onboarding for new non-employees under all compliance requirements
    • Track and analyze program costs like time, materials, milestones, and more 
  • Spend Analysis

    Put your spend management under a microscope

    Improve your purchasing efficiency with a single view of all business spend. 

    • Identify suspicious spend automatically to reduce risk
    • Easily create new dashboards and reports without the need for technical skills 
    • Cut out manual classification work and get instant savings
  • Supply Chain Design & Planning

    Perfect every point of your supply chain

    Outsmart disruption by designing a resilient, agile supply chain. 

    • Run countless design scenarios to reach the outcomes you prefer
    • Use community-powered insights and AI to spend less and make more sustainable, eco-friendly decisions
    • Easily share data, visuals, and info across stakeholders and systems with one tool
  • Inventory Management

    Say Goodbye to excess inventory challenges

    Get real-time visibility into inventory levels to reduce wasteful spend.  

    • Guide employees to inventory from approved suppliers or limit items to internal warehouses 
    • Get actionable AI-powered insights into inventory, stock levels, and usage
    • Integrate inventory management into your procurement process and optimize direct spend
  • Suppliers & Risk

    Get up and running with your business partners faster

    Lower your third-party risk and build stronger supplier relationships.

    • Simplify supplier onboarding and automatically follow up on missing information
    • Combine risk assessments, performance, and community insights to detect threats
    • Make informed choices that support your diverse spend initiatives
  • Sourcing & Contracts

    Drive more value from your sourcing and contracts

    Source smarter while improving the efficiency of the contract lifecycle.

    • Optimize sourcing decisions with AI opportunity identification, supplier insights, and more
    • Seamlessly convert sourcing awards into contracts and catalogs
    • Connect contracts to all aspects of spend management and keep users compliant
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Build a flexible, open, and secure foundation

Quickly and easily integrate your ERP and use zero-code customization to automate manual processes. You'll gain more flexibility, better spend control, and have fewer headaches. And, with the industry's highest security standards, you'll be sure that your operations are safe and protected.

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Amplify the power of your spend management platform

Access hundreds of certified third party apps and connectors via our App Marketplace. From supplier risk to IT management to ESG performance, connect with a complete BSM ecosystem to easily meet your evolving business needs.

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Spend control is smarter together

Our spend management platform uses more than $4 trillion in anonymized spend data from our global customer community to drive AI-powered prescriptive insights on efficiency, risk, profitability, sustainability, and much more.


We’re a global BSM community making every business dollar more effective, equitable, and sustainable


Our customer community positively impacts industries, the environment, and societies everywhere.


Grow your business with better spend control by utilizing vetted partners across payments, technology, supply chain design, and more.


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From tax to medical to cybersecurity compliance — Coupa’s spend management solutions got you covered

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