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CoupaLink is the marketplace that connects Coupa customers with Apps that extend the value of Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform. Our CoupaLink Partner Program is designed for you. CoupaLink enables you to build on the Coupa BSM Platform, engage our sales and marketing engines, and unlock a new array of benefits as you grow your business and progress through the program.
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Build the Future of Business Spend Management

Join the CoupaLink Partner Program to start building on Coupa’s open and extensible platform. Showcase your certified solution in the Coupa App Marketplace and collaborate with Coupa to define, market, and sell the end-to-end solution. The CoupaLink Partner Program gives you access to benefits, resources, and technology that helps you create new opportunities and differentiate yourself in the market.

Marketing and Sales Support

Reach Coupa’s growing customer base by leveraging Coupa’s robust marketing and sales engine. Engage in go-to-market activities to drive demand, awareness, and opportunities.

Consultation Access and Support

Get expert guidance, from solution value design to technical support. Enable your team with Coupa Business Spend Management Platform training.

Product Preview and Consultation

With inside access to Coupa product roadmaps, data, and technology, create new opportunities with Coupa and push your business forward.

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Learn more about the CoupaLink Partner Program, benefits, requirements, and more.

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Check out available technical documentation to explore what you can build, including connectors, iframe apps, panel apps, and more.

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Are you a Coupa customer? Reach out to us with questions about connecting your systems or applications with Coupa.