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Coupa for Food & Beverage

Unify sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management to quickly adjust to changing markets.
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Control Spend Across Brands, Regions, & Channels

Harness economies of scale by unifying business spend across brands and regions. Comprehensive analytics empowers leaders to make smarter decisions.

Adapt to Changing Consumer Demand

Evolve your supply chain to changing consumer demands by streamlining supplier onboarding, modeling demand forecasts, and planning agility.

Optimize Supply Chains for Shelf Life

Make AI-powered sourcing and supply chain decisions accounting for cost to serve, including freshness, sustainability, and brand considerations.
Supply Chain

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Create a digital twin of your supply chain to test what-if scenarios, analyze trade-offs, and empower people to make data-driven decisions. Our food and beverage customers identify an average of 11.8% project savings while driving operational change.
ALH Group
ALH Takes Advantage of Size By Leveraging Coupa to Optimize Spend
ALH Group streamlined and updated their procurement system with Coupa to gain the benefits of bulk buying and tightening control within their large, disparate organization.
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