How We Contract With You

Dear Spendsetter,

Thank you for your interest in Coupa. We are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming your company as a new Coupa customer. We wish to make contracting with Coupa as efficient as possible, so you can get started with creating real and measurable value on the Coupa Platform. We hope this guidance will assist you in better understanding the Coupa Platform and how to contract for your Coupa service. Capitalized terms used in this intro will have the same meaning prescribed to them in the Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”). The following guidance is provided for informational purposes only and will not form part of the contract being contemplated between the parties.

The Coupa way of contracting is simple and based on a modular approach as follows:

  • Order Form - The Order Form contains the details of the subscription, including scope of Hosted Applications, Subscription Term, subscription fees and payment terms. Your Coupa Sales contact will provide you with an Order Form upon request.
  • Master Subscription Agreement - These terms form the basis of contractual promise and are activated via an Order Form.
  • Privacy Terms - These standard terms are expressly incorporated into the Master Subscription Agreement and complete the overall agreement if and when needed according to applicable privacy laws.
  • Solution Specific Terms - While most Coupa subscriptions only need an Order Form with the Master Subscription Agreement, in certain exceptional cases a specific Coupa solution or service may require additional solution specific terms.  Where applicable, these terms complete the overall agreement.

All terms and conditions shall be considered confidential when a contract or other undertaking is entered into between the parties.