The 2023 Benchmark Report: Get the 10 Best-in-Class KPIs for Healthcare

Coupa for Healthcare

Optimize the sourcing and purchasing of materials to better serve patients
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Empower Caregivers to Find What They Need

User-centric procurement and inventory help caregivers quickly order and find what they need to spend more time focusing on patients.

Deploy Medical Procurement Best Practices

Join a community of medical procurement professionals who collaborate to share best practices and data for real-time benchmarking against peers to spend smarter together.

Prioritize Supply Chain Distribution

Solve complex global delivery problems in developing nations with effective and sustainable supply chain planning and optimization.

Alexa, Where are the Tape Scissors? Quickly Find and Fulfill Inventory

Doctors and nurses will no longer waste time trying to track down goods. Automatic inventory fulfillment and supply chain ordering keeps the hospital moving without any bottlenecks.
Molina Healthcare
Discover How Molina Healthcare Increased P2P Efficiency by 250%
Using Coupa's user-friendly e-procurement, Molina reduced manual paperwork and increased user adoption so medical professionals could find what they need quickly. Straightforward and easy to use approval chains helped Molina provide a ledger of purchases and approvals for SOX compliance.
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