The 2023 Benchmark Report: Get the 10 Best-in-Class KPIs for Manufacturing

Coupa for Process Manufacturing

Unify direct and indirect spend to maximize profits and performance.
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Optimize Supply Chains for World Class Performance

Make AI-powered sourcing and supply chain decisions that account for total cost to serve incorporating tariffs, inventory costs, lead times, operational costs, and business risks.

Stay Agile Through Ongoing Market Disruptions

Plan for economic swings and geopolitical risks by strengthening the supply base, improving demand predictions, planning for materials and capacity, and accounting for supplier risk.

Prioritize Business Spend for Greater Impact

Improve profit margins with unified procurement, sourcing, supply chain design, and interconnected operational decisions across brands and regions. Find the optimal supplier based on risk and price.
Supply Chain

Discover the Latest in Supply Chain Technology

Create a digital twin of your supply chain to test what-if scenarios, analyze trade-offs, and empower people to make data-driven decisions. Our manufacturing customers identify an average of 8.1% project savings while driving operational change.
Happy With Savings, Greif Counts on Coupa for Future Expansion
Greif needed a scalable procurement system to manage its diverse supply chain and drive bottom-line savings that will continue to serve them as they expand into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
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