Spendsetter Awards Program

The Spendsetter Awards highlight the best of the best Coupa customer stories promoting the contributions of supply chain, procurement, finance, and IT professionals and celebrating their thought leadership.

2024 submissions have closed and we look forward to seeing who our judges pick.

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Your journey is part of the story.

These awards exist to create transformative moments for members of the business spend management community as they continue to dream, discover and leverage the power of digital transformation.

Meet the 2023 award winners

Award Categories

Purpose & Impact

This award recognizes the company that has transformed its spend processes to promote equality and sustainability across communities

purpose and impact

Smarter Spending

This award recognizes the company that has leveraged AI and advanced analytics to drive efficiency gains.

smarter spending

Financial Transformation

This award recognizes the company that gained greater visibility into cash and payments, making smarter financial decisions, optimizing liquidity, and improving forecasting.

financial transformation spendsetter award

Supply Chain Excellence

This award recognizes the company that exemplifies agility in action, with the ability to respond rapidly and adapt the supply chain amidst the new normal of constant change.

sc excellence

Spendsetter of the Year

This award recognizes the visionary leader who revolutionizes Business Spend Management.

Your submission will automatically be considered for the Spendsetter of the Year award.

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How to be a Spendsetter

2024 Submissions Open Now

Phase 1

Customers or partners can submit applications. Applicant chooses which award(s) to apply to from drop down list. Survey then populates general questions and another list of dynamic questions personalized to that category and key results.

Phase 2

Submissions are reviewed by a panel of Coupa judges that represent multiple organizations and products. Votes cast are counted and winners are determined by the most received. Votes are cast based on how each judge weighs measurable business impact/ROI and how the applicant connected these in a compelling story.

Phase 3

 Winners and nominees are each notified of the status of their submission. We honor all nominees and appreciate your compelling stories! With our final winners, they will be celebrated at Inspire.

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The Spendsetter Awards Snapshot: Casey’s

"We were hitting best-in-class levels of transactional, operational, tactical, savings, visibility, and such. Now we’re going to take it to the next level of maturity."

Jaime Robles

Chief Procurement Officer, Casey's

2023 Americas Winners

Spendsetter of the Year

Jamie Robles, CPO, Casey's

Power of the Platform for High Growth

Zai Mohammed, Head of Global Procurement, Talkdesk

Power of the Platform

Brandon Rakestraw, MD Corporate, American Airlines

Smarter Spending

Carlene Sifford, Global Purchasing Manager, Priority Ambulance

Financial Agility & Visibility

Stephen Logan, SVP/Vice President Finance, The Hartford

Supply Chain Excellence

Desiana Sukasdadi

Economic & Social Impact

John Kochavatr, CIO

2023 EMEA Winners

Spendsetter of the Year

Novo Nordisk

Economic & Social Impact


The Power of the Platform


Smarter Spending


Financial Agility & Visibility


Supply Chain Excellence


Past Winners

Inspire Americas 2022

Inspire EMEA 2022